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Synonyms for Cheyenne

the capital and largest city of Wyoming

the Algonquian language spoken by the Cheyenne

a member of a North American Indian people living on the western plains (now living in Oklahoma and Montana)

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In Anna Ruth's narrative, the central event in the encounter was not Ediger's stories from the Bible, but the story told by Cheyenne chief Alfrich Heap of Birds.
The 30-megawatt (MW) Happy Jack Windpower Project will be the first generating project of its kind for Cheyenne Light.
His most successful role after Cheyenne was a part in The Dirty Dozen - and he later got together with colleagues from the movie to provide the voices for animated flick Small Soldiers in 1998.
Travis Rutherford, executive vice president of MGM Interactive, added, "We chose to entrust the franchise to Cheyenne because we are confident in their ability to create a triple A Stargate MMO.
The depot has been an undying vote of confidence in Cheyenne that downtown is a priority," said Garrett.
The pipeline route begins at Colorado Interstate Gas' Cheyenne hub and will end in Greensburg, KS.
At Leona Cox Elementary School, where Cheyenne is a fifth-grader and Genevieve attends a Head Start program, the children heard about the girls' plight when the principal sent out a notice about the family in need.
Forest Guardians will be meeting directly with Cheyenne Plains representatives to "see what steps they are willing to take.
Led by Sitting Bull, a large group of Sioux and Cheyenne resisted the move back to the reservation.
The picture of traditional Cheyenne culture depicted in the story appears to be true to the stereotypes and information available in the mid-1800s.
In the 20 years since owner Frank Fletcher founded Cheyenne, its image has evolved.
The Plains period of Cheyenne history closed after several decades of episodic warfare against the United States.
Four bridges over Crow Creek west of the College Drive Interchange and the approaches to the bridges will be repaired, along with the bridges at Remount west of Cheyenne and Archer east of Cheyenne.
July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Bank of the West today announced it has renewed its commitment as the presenting sponsor for Cheyenne Frontier Days, which will run from July 19 to 28 in Cheyenne, Wyo.