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Synonyms for chew

chew something over


Synonyms for chew

Synonyms for chew

a wad of something chewable as tobacco

Related Words

biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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So, how did the creator of the magnificent Lily Savage end up chewing the fat with all manner of celebrity guests?
But to set the record straight, we were just chewing the fat over some rather amusing MI6 secrets involving Lucy Neville-Rolfe and a hairdresser when in stepped my old drinking buddy Damian 'Thorn' McBride.
The straight-talking and fiercely patriotic pub landlord hosts the second series of his award-winning celebrity chat show, chewing the fat and sharing a pint with the likes of Mel B, James Blunt and Ricky Hatton.
1 WEIRD SCIENCE: Our new blogger Dan Smith has been busy again this week chewing the fat over ancient fish and an underground mountain range in Antarctica.
Among those chewing the fat about their careers and successes are Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith, Rick Stein, Gary Rhodes and Antony Worrall Thompson.
I am sure Paul would rather have Alistair Campbell to spar with: two journalists chewing the fat of political possibility and conjecture.
The Atkins diet and philosophy; chewing the fat with Kant and Nietzsche.
Despite not caring two hoots about keeping our eye on the ball, it gives us a good excuse to satisfy our insatiable appetite for gossip re-reading the ins and outs of Svengate and chewing the fat over Faria Alam's kiss 'n' tell stories.
How about Norris Cole, cannibal, chewing the fat with Fred?
I've never seen Rick Parry chewing the fat about Liverpool's internal affairs with Joe Public.
Chow down on hamburger stroganoff or the captain's platter while chewing the fat with Newport Mayor Mark Jones, who's owned the place for 12 years.
Chewing the fat with 1968 European Cup winner Paddy Crerand at Old Trafford on Saturday, as you do, he said: "Fergie said he got rid of Jaap Stam because he'd lost half a yard in pace, well this guy Blanc hasn't got half a yard to lose.
Instead of chewing the fat, they chew on hazelnut and cheese quesadilla with avocado and mango salsa.
REMINISCING, chewing the fat with United legends, is always a personal joy for me.
Catching up and chewing the fat with a friend every day may lower your chances of falling ill by protecting against inflammation.