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a domed or vaulted recess or projection on a building especially the east end of a church

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Sur Ordre de SM le Roi, les ministres de l'Interieur et de la Sante se rendent au chevet des victimes de l'accident d'autocar pres d'Essaouira
Clouee au chevet de son fils malade, Mme Arnoux ne vient pas a ce rendez-vous decisif .
2] was undertaken by Sudakov (1971) and Chevet (1976).
In 1930, with Rabbi Guershon Maya of Congregation Chevet Ajim at the helm, a new Colegio Teodoro Herzl (Colegio Union Zionista de Cuba) opened, bringing back Spanish and Hebrew as the languages of instruction.
3]pital au chevet de sa mE re malade l'a exposE[umlaut] Ea l'affection et Ea l'intE[umlaut]riorisation des sentiments: A1/2-J'ai commencE[umlaut] Ea m'intE[umlaut]resser Ea l'univers de l'hE[sup.
So the book veers from sophisticated discussions of the opus Dei to rather basic explanations of the different parts of church architecture (the chevet or transept, for example) and different types of vaults.
Ici, aucune professeure d'universite a son chevet, pas de grands diplomes a etaler, seulement une humble carriere d'enseignante aux enfants indiens d'Obedjiwan, suivie d'un sejour comme missionnaire au Chili de 1983 a 1992.
They slapped a 14-day suspension on amateur Paul Callaghan after he had finished a never-dangerous sixth on Chevet Boy behind stable companion Julius Caesar in the Cantor Odds National Hunt Novices' Hurdle.
There was a downside as Johnson also saddled sixth-placed Chevet Boy, whose amateur rider Paul Callaghan was suspended for 14 days under Rule 158.
However, it was a bad day for amateur Paul Callaghan, who was given a 14-day ban for his riding of Chevet Boy after he finished sixth behind his stable companion Julius Caesar.
Petites musiques de Chevet, pour saxophone baryton et piano (19891.
Gagnon E, Duclos S, Rondeau C, Chevet E, Cameron PH, Steele-Mortimer O, et al.
D'autre part, il est question d'une malade et de medecins appeles a son chevet dans Apollonius, roi de Tyr 18 ; et dans les Metamorphoses 10,2 d'Apulee, il est question des medecins incapables de diagnostiquer la maladie d'amour chez une femme.
My Shenandoah gave him his first training success on the course for at least five years, but Chevet Girl was pulled up when expected to complete a stable double.
Chevet Girl won off her highest mark yet last time, leading three-out and staying on well.