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a member of the royal or warrior Hindu caste

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The ancestors of the Brahman and Chetri caste groups came from India, while other ethnic groups trace their origins to central Asia and Tibet, including the Gurungs and Magars in the west, Rais and Limbus in the east, and Sherpas and Bhotias in the north.
Bharat Chetri dived full-length to his left to save Glenn Kirkham's penalty shot and India's win, 5-4 from the spot after a thrilling 3-3 draw, sent them to the final and England into a bronze medal playoff.
India scored all their penalties with Bharat Chetri diving full-length to save England's third from Glenn Kirkham.
According to CBS (2007), in 2001 the ethnic population in Nepal was Chetri (15.
Bahrain's goalkeeper Mahmood Al Ajmi was called into action on several occasions to deny efforts from Indian strikers Khangembam Singh, Sabeeth Sathyan and midfielders Jewel Shaikh and Hiralal Chetri.
However, after the 2006 change, the state power has just shifted from the king to the same high caste Hill Hindu Bahun and Chetri elites led by the party politician GP Koirala, who became Prime Minister five times.
Three consider the iconography of rock art and ancient and more recent bronzes in Siberia and Central Asia; and there is an ethnographic essay on the Chetri of Nepal.
Kishore Chetri, a driver and cook at a parish center in Dharan, Nepal, attributed all the happiness he derives in life to the movement.
For others it may be a blue monster, but for me it was a blue wonder," said Akash Chetri, a college student.
I was too young to remember Bhaichung Bhutia going to Bury, but when Sunil Chetri went to Kansas [City Wizards] I was with the national team and always used to see him as an example.
Raghunath and Bharat Chetri were ruled out by the screening committee while the others -- Dharamvir Singh, Tushar Khandker, Shivendra Singh, Joydeep Kaur and Ritu Rani -- did not come up for discussion at the August 12 meeting.
The disastrous Olympics campaign saw the axing of experienced players such as captain Bharat Chetri, drag- flicker Sandeep Singh, fullback Ignace Tirkey, forwards Tushar Khandker and Shivendra Singh.
With names like Baichung Bhutia and Sunil Chetri backing the young talent of northeast, football as a sport has great future in the region.
Goalkeepers Bharat Chetri of Karnataka and Tamil Nadus PR Sreejesh were picked ahead of Adrian, with Punjabs Kamaldeep Singh named as a stand-by.
I was bringing clothes to Kathmandu, but they stopped my truck,'' said Nawaraj Khatri Chetri, a truck driver stuck in Nagdhunga.