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any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess

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The chances of finding a complete set of chessmen dating from before 1750 are pretty remote these days.
Amazon's top 10 hardbacks 1 A Memory Of Light: The Wheel Of Time Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson 2 Close To The Bone Stuart MacBride 3 Jamie's 15-Minute Meals Jamie Oliver 4 Of Mice And Men: With Notes John Steinbeck & Jim Taylor 5 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel Jeff Kinney 6 The Chessmen Peter May 7 The Examined Life: How We Lose & Find Ourselves Stephen Grosz 8 Africa: Eye To Eye With The Unknown Michael Bright 9 Tales From Acorn Wood: Fox's Socks Julia Donaldson (pictured) 10 My Animals & Other Family Clare Balding
MARY ANN PICKFORD The Chessmen by Peter May, Quercus, PS14.
One evening, stuck with her dad on his night shift at the British Museum, she is drawn to the Lewis Chessmen and Heimdall''s Horn.
The shattering blast from the horn sets off a violent reaction, cracking the building and sucking Freya and four chessmen into an icy whirlwind.
The collection is vast and varied, from Dolly the sheep, to the famous Lewis Chessmen, Scotland's most significant archaeological discovery.
TSITS A spell to make glass disappear and chessmen to come alive TPPOH A spell to make oneself invisible and to speak with dragons HPATPS A spell to make it winter but never Christmas PP A spell to attract undesirable rodents and small children CCBB A spell to make a part of the body grow to enormous size TH A spell to make a vehicle of the land travel by sea and by air TWOO A spell to make the fruits of the tree and the creatures of the earth grow to enormous size JATGP A spell to make stone grip steel--or not.
Could the answer to the riddle be Chessmen (except the Queen and King)?
Greenbacks struggled to match the tempo provided by the Chessmen, who had the better of a goalmouth opening period in which United keeper Andy Kemp made several fine saves but had to wait until the second period before con- firming their superiority with three goals in a 20- minute surge.
The legislation is being drafted to apply to "objects stolen between 1933 and 1945 by the Nazi regime" to avoid bids to repatriate disputed artefacts such as the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta stone, Benin bronzes and Lewis chessmen.
Of the topiary chessmen that decorate the grounds of Mark's school, Kavan writes, "When the sun was high, these arboreal curiosities could resemble a grotesque company of medieval giants, with their attendant dwarf-shadows.
A Scottish Government campaign to house the historic Lewis chessmen north of the border was yesterday branded "a lot of nonsense" by UK culture minister Margaret Hodge.
The always popular welcome social donned a "House of Blues" theme this year, featuring The Chessmen Band singing the blues on Monday evening.