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any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess

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Ceramic sets produced by such factories as Meissen, Worcester, Minton and George Tinworth''s amusing mice chessmen made by Doulton are all within reach.
I'm afraid you will easily guess me"--"me" refers to the singular entity of Chessmen
A Scottish Government campaign to house the historic Lewis chessmen north of the border was yesterday branded "a lot of nonsense" by UK culture minister Margaret Hodge.
The always popular welcome social donned a "House of Blues" theme this year, featuring The Chessmen Band singing the blues on Monday evening.
3) (33 9) 160 Nabisco Double Stuf Peanut Butter Creme Oreo (3) (45 9) 210 Pepperidge Farm Chessmen (3) (26 g) 120 Nabisco Soft Baked Chunky Chips Ahoy
Varieties include: Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chunk, a crispy cookie filled with dark chocolate chunks and dipped with chocolate; Chocolate Dipped Chessmen, a rich, buttery cookie bottomed in chocolate; and Chocolate Dipped Soft Baked Dark Chocolate Brownie, a soft, chewy chocolate cookie full of chocolate chunks and then dipped in more chocolate.
This includes Roman silver, a gold cup from the Bronze Age, gold and silver bracelets and coins, beautiful gold torcs, rare Iron Age Celtic jewellery, Viking artefacts including the Lewis Chessmen and many more
I want to think about the rock doves singing when Alp and I played with our chessmen all through the slow part of the day.
Sold by the British Museum Company, these miniature bishops--made of ground stone and resin mix-are replicas of the "outstanding chessmen of the world" pieces found on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, in 1831.
The late Michel Simonin speculates about the publication circumstances of the fifth book; Frank Lestringant about the fifth book as voyage literature; Guy Demerson on the themes of wine and ivy; Lionello Sozzi on hermetic elements; Claude Gaignebet on Quinte, quintine, and Henri Cotiral; Jacques Berchtold on the related metaphors of chessmen, teeth, and bees; Yvonne Bellenger on the ecphrastic mosaic in the Temple of Bacbuc; and Niloufar Sadighi on the aesthetics of ugliness in the fifth book.
While her chessmen, including magic worms, mammoths, the earth and the sea, are scattered across and alongside the board to depict the chaos of creation and of life itself, Jean-Pierre Fontaine's robed figures carved from caribou bone confront one another in two neat rows on a yellowed board that looks as old as the story it tells.
Resembling broken chessmen or coffee pots, the trio of empty towers accommodate various bizarre functions.
Echoes of Kasparov's sputtering excuses are heard in the commentary of one of the Turk's critics, who proclaimed that the possibility "`that an AUTOMATON can be made to move the Chessmen properly .
The hijackers were moved into position like chessmen on a board, bin Laden says, with many of them not knowing each other or the nature of the act they were about to commit.
In bacteria and frozen dinosaur nasal cartilage we find how the chessmen were placed on the board for the subsequent game.