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any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess

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Playing with the chess pieces is not a sideshow, or a waste of time, but equally important to learning the rules of "the game.
Designed for children (recommended age: 3-11) interested in learning more about the game, Kings, Queens & Castles will feature an array of interactive elements, including a drawbridge leading to a castle, a dress-up station that transforms children into royalty, chess play stations and life-sized chess pieces.
The chess piece is finally found and Zhao is cleared, but the factory Communist Party chief chastises him for sending the telegram anyway.
The elegant design of the chess pieces illustrated in the 100 or so puzzles also have attracted considerable attention.
Above, a selection of chess pieces and below the Chess set in box
Today, Studio Anne Carlton (SAC) chess pieces are highly sought after in the collectable markets.
You play with real chess pieces on a 9-inch board and you can select the level that suits you from 384 options.
Mrs Norman, who is inviting Mr Griffiths to join her group, said: "They are treating disabled people like chess pieces, moving us around the city without consultation.
For a given arrangement of chess pieces, the computer simply looked ahead a fixed number of moves, evaluated the strength of each move, and selected the best one.
The graphics of the CD Rom-prompted game are fantastic - some of the best I have seen in computer games - and offer a wide variety of playing surfaces, chess pieces, angles and even sounds.
Players earn chess pieces and magical items by defeating opponents, solving puzzles, playing mini-games, winning speed trials and more, all in the context of an exciting multi-chapter Aladdin quest.
Prof Doug Miller, who holds the chair of Workers' Rights in Fashion at Northumbria University's School of Design, designed and crafted the chess pieces to mark the German Peasants' War of 1525.
But it's a chess game in which the characters on stage are as animated as chess pieces.
He has had his students unearth fake dinosaur bones in the playground's sand area that he buried the night before and demonstrated an algebra lesson with chess pieces and a homemade scale made out of a coffee mug holder.
However, an assortment of shot glasses, which resemble the size of the piece it is doubling, replaces regular chess pieces.