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any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess

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Yan spends half of a normal work day making chess pieces with the lathe, and another half on carving kbach - the decorative flourishes in much Khmer design - into them.
The ISG students, all 16 of them, dressed as chess pieces welcomed Anand, who later went on to share his experiences in an interactive session.
The chess piece is finally found and Zhao is cleared, but the factory Communist Party chief chastises him for sending the telegram anyway.
My main exercise until now has been of the sedate kind involving pushing chess pieces across a board and raising a glass or two to my lips as I did it.
You can make virtually any 3D form with impressive precision from this type of chitosan," says Fernandez, who first molded a series of chess pieces as a demonstration.
As well as the matches, which were hotly contested, there were many light hearted moments during the day including human chess games - where actors, dressed as kings, queens, bishops and knights acted as chess pieces on a giant chessboard, with children from some of the visiting schools directing the moves.
When I found chess pieces missing from the hotel's chess set, a member of staff went home to get his own chess set.
Each piece must be crafted uniformly so that those who view photos taken under a microscope assume the chess pieces are large, priceless, and solid gold, Kobayashi said.
Al Ain Zoo will begin the summer break with the debut of the new chess area, with life-size chess pieces perfect for interactive family entertainment," said the spokesperson.
Each one costs between $43 and $55 per kilogram, and provides enough material to print the equivalent of 176 chess pieces.
Left to complete her homework in the British Museum where her somewhat feckless father is on his night-shift as a security guard, 12 year-old Freya is idly inspecting the intriguing Lewis Chessmen, ivory chess pieces found in the sands of the Scottish island of Lewis, when the wonderfully carved and decorated Heimdall's horn attracts her attention.
The goal of the game is to line up chess pieces of the same color in rows of four or more to clear them off the board.
In a game that was something of a concluding complement to Corwin's efforts on Auroch's Library, International Master Irina Krush and Grandmaster Robert Hess manipulated 36 serpentine chess pieces, ranging in size from 8 to 20 inches, atop a 16-square-foot chessboard, all designed by Corwin.
The movie presents a poetic analogy between life and chess game, conjuring symbolism from the black and white colors that represents good versus evil, and the names of the various chess pieces, King, Knight, Pawns.
Accessories should always enhance your theme, not detract from it, so play up the drama with these Viktor distressed chess pieces.