Chesapeake Bay

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a large inlet of the North Atlantic between Virginia and Maryland

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As one of the Chesapeake Bay's important natural filters, adult oysters can filter 50 gallons of water per day.
Geologists study the central crater and its wide brim on the floor of Chesapeake Bay that a meteor impact created during the Late Eocene.
Newell will acquire Chesapeake Bay Candle for a purchase price of USD 75m, subject to customary working capital adjustments.
Chesapeake Bay Candle is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of premium candles and other home fragrance products.
The Chesapeake Bay is located roughly in the middle of the reported geographic range of the shortnose sturgeon (Fig.
"With the rise of the new technologies our lives have become super organized," said Mei Xu, co-owner and CEO of Chesapeake Bay Candle.
Although they are now considered rare in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the animals are known to visit the bay and its freshwater rivers each fall to spawn.
2013 federal court ruling that upheld the Environmental Protection Agency's total maximum daily load for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
Covering the history of many historic lighthouses and buoys of Chesapeake Bay, this story, subtitled "Sidney Seagull 'Marks,'" gives a lighthouse historical narrative from an irreverent seagulls point of view.
TEHRAN (FNA)- USGS scientists have determined that high-salinity groundwater found more than 1,000 meters (0.6 mi.) deep under the Chesapeake Bay is actually remnant water from the Early Cretaceous North Atlantic Sea and is probably 100-145 million years old.
Albright, an award-winning chemical weapons cleanup advocate, explains why efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay have failed and recommends a clean-up plan based on the same approaches used for Superfund sites.
Field Guide to Fishes of the Chesapeake Bay provides the only comprehensive guide to the Bay's fishes, and will prove a solid reference for anglers and science holdings alike, as well as regional libraries.
* Pacific Trade International, the integrated marketer of candles, home fragrance and home decor products and the company behind the Chesapeake Bay Candle brand, opened its first domestic factory in Glen Burnie, MD on June 28.
Some locals measure water quality in the Chesapeake Bay using the "sneaker index." In the 1950s, Maryland resident Bernie Fowler waded into the Patuxent River to his shoulders and could see his white sneakers on the riverbed.
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