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Synonyms for cherry

wood of any of various cherry trees especially the black cherry

a red the color of ripe cherries

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of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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Dan Wackerman, who managed the Bank Street Theater for 10 years, says its rapid eviction and subsequent arrival of the Cherry Pit still rankles.
The nose is mostly cherry pit, and that tames down after pouring.
The pit bounced to a stop 67 feet 2 inches away, giving Krause, 45, his 11th title in the International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship held in Eau Claire, Mich.
The first assortment of candy-flavored strips includes Growlin' Grape(TM), Cherry Pit Stop(TM), Lip Lemony Lemon(TM), Blue Ratsberry(TM), Howlin' Hot and Ooh-Ooh Orange(TM), with a sour line and other great candy flavors expected in the coming months.
Brian Krause, 20, beat his father's record to take the championship Saturday at the 25th Annual International Cherry Pit Spit in Eau Claire, Mich.
A reference to a rosary made of carved cherry stones can be found in the 14th-century Old French poem Pamphile et Galatee: 'En sa main unes patrenostres / De noiaus traues de cherises / Dont elle fait ses sacrefices (in her hand she has a rosary made from carved cherry pits, with which she says her prayers).
Scofflaw's definition of Luxardo Maraschino--"Dry cherry liqueur made from sour marasca cherries (exclusively cultivated by Luxardo) cherry pits are left in during maceration which lends a nutty, almond flavor"--is particularly helpful for guests that might assume that the spirit would taste like the neon-red, syrupy cocktail cherries.
Resembling coriander seeds, Mahlab seeds are taken from the cracked cherry pits and dried, the flavour a blend of sour cherries and bitter almonds.
and split into dark matter: cherry pits, galaxies, chaotic kisses.
The majority of fireplace inserts burn wood, gas or pellets composed of organic materials such as compacted sawdust, wood chips, nutshells, corn kernels, waste paper, barley, beet pulp, sunflowers, dried cherry pits and soybeans.
He taught me boy's games, like how to spit cherry pits, and practical things like how to read survey markers.
For the ice cream: In pot, place milk, cream and cherry pits and