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The subtle malt, spice and cherry brandy tones of the whisky combine well with the bitterness of the dark chocolate.
Hanging baskets Trailing plants create a superb burst of colour Cosmos sweet kisses Rudbekia Cherry Brandy Nicotiana whisper Giant sunflower Petunia sophistica Pot plant garden Create a classic cottage garden with summer planted containers
Whatever they are, cherry brandy ice lolly flavours added to the spirit make the experience somewhat junior.
A Dorset raider made sure his owners were not short of Grant's sponsor's Cherry Brandy after taking the two-mile-five-furlong novice race.
A sweetish long drink made famous by the Singapore version, which uses cherry brandy.
Cherries Jubilee Sundae: Bing cherries with Haagen-Dazs vanilla and chocolate ice cream, cherry brandy syrup, whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.
Singapore Van Hel-Sling: You'll need: 40ml Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin (PS28, 70cl, Oddbins), 15ml cherry brandy, 7.
A brandy once favoured by Queen Victoria (her portrait appears on the label), Grants Morella Cherry Brandy (PS17.
Filled with award-winning spirits and liqueurs from cherry brandy to Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Festive Sloe Gin, these crackers come with the traditional party hat and jokes as well as tasting notes.
The invention of the 10th Duke of Northumberland, it's a blend of malt whisky and cherry brandy that no doubt does much to cushion the posterior and the head when you and your over-enthusiastic mount part company.
Inside they found six bottles of champagne, three bottles of sherry, one of port, one of shrub, two of cherry brandy, one of orange brandy, one of apricot brandy, two china cups and sauces, two champagne glasses, two finger bowls, one water bottle, one medicine glass, two linen shirts, two pairs of knitted drawers, two collars and two pairs of black socks.
Stefan Stanko, 24, admitted drinking whisky and cherry brandy throughout the day before getting behind the wheel.
They carried bouquets of Blush, Milva, and Cherry Brandy roses, cream hydrangea, pale yellow orchids, and stock.
ingredients (Serves 6) 6 sponge fingers, broken into small pieces, 100ml cherry brandy or chocolate liqueur, 50g grated dark chocolate, 1 pack dark cherry jelly (made and set according to pack instructions then chopped up and bashed a bit), Jar morello cherries, 100ml custard, 100ml whipped cream method?
The brandy barrels give this beer a unique cherry brandy sweetness," said Tess Szamatulski.