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the Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee

a member of an Iroquoian people formerly living in the Appalachian Mountains but now chiefly in Oklahoma

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Statements from the Cherokee Nation say the Sequoyah Fuels facility, which converted yellowcake uranium into fuel for nuclear reactors, left tons of "uranium-contaminated sludge" in many "basins, lagoons and ditches at the site" when it closed in 1993.
The campaign said earlier this year Cherokee Nation would run the Washington County casino if the measure passed.
The Cherokee Nation received a half-million-dollar grant from FHWA's Tribal Transportation Program, and the tribe's roads department funded the remainder of the total $750,000 project cost.
Cherokee citizens have a long history of service," said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker.
Literacy and Intellectual Life in the Cherokee Nation, 1820-1906 is a strong pick for American literature and Native American studies collections alike, and will reach college-level readers with a survey covering the rise of bilingual literacy in the Cherokee Nation during the 19th century when political change in the Nation was at its height.
One of CNB's subsidiaries, Cherokee Nation Construction Resources, a division of CNB's environmental and construction portfolio, will serve as the prime contractor and construction manager of the project.
After two elections and several recounts and court decisions, the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has installed a new principal chief for the first time in a dozen years.
Caesars Entertainment Corporation, a US-based gaming company, has announced continuation of its partnership with the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation, a US-based community of Native Americans.
When Wilma returned to Oklahoma with her daughters, she decided to run for chief of the Cherokee Nation, even though many were opposed to the idea of a woman leading the tribe.
The Liberator claimed that "although some of the Cherokees are owners of slaves, slavery is unknown to the constitution and laws of the Cherokee nation, and is sanctioned only by custom.
On November 17, 1903, fifteen miles from the nearest railway station and fifty miles northwest of the capital of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, a fire engulfed the Cherokee Orphan Asylum.
In Celia Naylor's sweeping, evenhanded study, we learn that the standing of the descendents of African Indian freedpeople of the Five Tribes of Oklahoma in the Cherokee Nation has always been tenuous, particularly as African Americans struggled to realize their identities, attain full citizenship rights, and secure a sense of belonging among the Cherokee.
Listeners will get a clear picture of the Cherokee Nation as a geographical identity and the problems that this situation caused.
This is when Chad Smith, the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, and some of his key supporters on the Tribal Council began a big campaign to kick the Freedmen people out of the tribe.
A Cherokee/ Laguna Pueblo native, Iron founded the Tulsa Indian Health Care Resource Center and is a former health director for the Cherokee Nation.