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the Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee

a member of an Iroquoian people formerly living in the Appalachian Mountains but now chiefly in Oklahoma

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The bulging back of Cherokee's neck was the only portion of his body that White Fang's teeth could reach.
This served to form a large roll in Cherokee's mouth, the fur of which well-nigh defied his teeth.
The backers of Cherokee waxed jubilant and offered ridiculous odds.
Shouts of applause went up for the victor, and there were many cries of "Cherokee!" "Cherokee!" To this Cherokee responded by vigorous wagging of the stump of his tail.
It had taken Cherokee a long time to shift that grip upward, and this had also tended further to clog his jaws with fur and skin-fold.
Matt took hold of White Fang, ready to pull when Cherokee's jaws should be loosened.
He struck Cherokee about the head savagely again and again.
"Stand by to receive your dog," was Scott's peremptory order to Cherokee's owner.
The faro-dealer stooped down obediently and got a firm hold on Cherokee.
"Take him away," Scott commanded, and Tim Keenan dragged Cherokee back into the crowd.
TAHLEQUAH Cherokee Nation Entertainment opened the new Cherokee Casino in Tahlequah on Thursday.
Blood Moon, American Epic of War And Splendor in the Cherokee Nation by John Sedgwick.
The high performance Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, sold in the sultanate by the official Jeep dealership, Dhofar Automotive, has been honoured by readers of the influential German magazine Auto Bild Sports Cars.
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