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the Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee

a member of an Iroquoian people formerly living in the Appalachian Mountains but now chiefly in Oklahoma

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The backers of Cherokee waxed jubilant and offered ridiculous odds.
To this Cherokee responded by vigorous wagging of the stump of his tail.
It had taken Cherokee a long time to shift that grip upward, and this had also tended further to clog his jaws with fur and skin-fold.
He struck Cherokee about the head savagely again and again.
The faro-dealer stooped down obediently and got a firm hold on Cherokee.
Take him away," Scott commanded, and Tim Keenan dragged Cherokee back into the crowd.
The Origin of the Milky Way" is a collection of 26 Cherokee stories told by Davy Arch, Robert Bushyhead, Edna Chekelelee, Marie Junaluska, Kathi Littlejohn, and Freeman Owl.
A photographer having a special interest in Cherokee history, Vicki Rozema's "Footsteps Of The Cherokees: A Guide To The Eastern Homelands Of The Cherokee Nation" is a seminal contribution to the growing body of Native American history in general, and the Cherokee Nation in particular.
Abstract: Fay Yarbrough, "Legislating Women's Sexuality: Cherokee Marriage Laws in the Nineteenth Century".
Van Nuys-based Cherokee introduced apparel licensor Mossimo to Target in early 2000 contingent upon receiving a finder's fee for items sold to the super-chain.
Cherokee and Mossimo are locked in an ongoing dispute over how much Mossimo owes Cherokee for brokering the licensing agreement that brought the designer label into Target Stores.
Sometime just before the American Revolution, a council met at Chota, the most important of the late-eighteenth-century Cherokee towns located in what is today eastern Tennessee.
Serving the Nation: Cherokee Sovereignty and Social Welfare 1800 to 1907 by Julie Reid.
Cherokee Medicine, Colonial Germs: An Indigenous Nation's Fight against Smallpox, 1518-1824.
The Cherokee Nation is receiving proposals from individuals and firms qualified to provide laboratory services for methamphetamine for the benefit of the Cherokee Nation as per the terms and conditions contained in this RFP.
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