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a port town in northwestern France on the English Channel

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The twin-engine private plane had left Coventry Airport at 9.12am on Wednesday and was on its way to Guernsey when it disappeared eight miles off the French coast, near Cherbourg, at around 11.30am local time.
The Prefecture Maritime in France said it received a call from air traffic control in Jersey at 11.30am reporting the loss of contact with the plane about 13 kilometres north of the port of Cherbourg.
The little ship was then based at Cherbourg for her role as tender to the new super liners, which were too big to dock at the port and had to drop anchor off-shore.
The novel begins in 1940 when Suzanne is 13 and it ends when the Allies liberate her town of Cherbourg, France in June 1944.
The British cargo ship Pacific Teal on Wednesday finished loading a shipment of nuclear fuel at Cherbourg port in northwestern France and left for Japan.
Damn it if Jeanne and the Perfect Guy isn't a musical, an Umbrellas of Cherbourg for the mid-plague years.
Finally captured, Suzanne is being interrogated by the Nazis in Cherbourg and is amazingly saved at the last minute as the Germans desert her, and Cherbourg, hearing of the Allies' D-Day landings.