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Synonyms for checkerboard

a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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Poor old Jennifer Saunders & Mel Blatt had a true Ab Fab moment in their matching chequer board Louis Vuitton jackets.
The most vibrant walls are in the kitchen where gold and pale ochre have been used in a large chequer board pattern, and the guest bedroom whose plain walls are apple green.
The most astonishing patternmaking, like a kaleidoscopic black and white chequer board, comes from the faade of the former Davenports brewery extension, the only one of the four buildings explored in the exhibition which has already been demolished.
There's lots of black and white chequer board and hounds tooth prints or black outfits with white piping and white buttons.
IT LOOKS like a chequer board, but this two-bedroom terrace house in Shobdon, near Leominster, is real enough.
Linoleum in abstract designs or black and white chequer board vinyl tiles are also a good backdrop.