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a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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The new improved system offers clients with an EasySave, Solo, Vibe, transaction, SeniorSave or cheque account with more functionality and convenience.
After some discussion, the bank decided to hire a consultant management accountant to compute the costs of the products: cheque accounts, personal loans, the standard M/C card, and the gold MC card.
New entrants have intensified the scramble for customers, with more than 30 providers offering cheque account services, according to some estimates.
TO) has announced that it would be increasing a variety of fees on cheque accounts.
It opened an extra 232,000 cheque accounts last year, taking the total to almost 13.
1 per cent that the major banks pay on cheque accounts.
It provides a detailed trend analysis of various financial products, including cheque accounts, savings accounts, mzansi accounts, petrol/garage cards, credit cards, debit cards, investment accounts, home loans, vehicle finance, retails store cards, overdrafts, investment in mutual funds, investment in the stock exchange and short-term/long-term policies.
The survey showed that nearly three quarters of Americans with cheque accounts support stronger banking regulations.
3 per cent, while cheque accounts have fallen from 4.
5billion and made loans of pounds 400million, has announced it will be offering accounts in the new euro - including cheque accounts - whe n the new currency starts on January 1.
Barclays is also offering euro cheque accounts to anyone who has a current account in Britain.