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However, Sato's team hit its first road block at the Asian qualifiers in Chengzhou.
Tong Yang's new Xiangyang factory is the group's 18th (self-owned or joint-venture) one in China, supplying auto parts to Chinese automakers such as Dongfeng, GAIG Mitsubishi, and Chengzhou Nissan etc.
75 Inceptisols Chengzhou, Jinhua City Jinhua City 270 18.
subsidiary Biosphere Asia Pacific has received official approval from the State Environmental Protection Administration of China for the operation of its new MK-V Biosphere Process System at Chengzhou in Zhejiang province.
One of its recent acquisitions is of the Chengzhou Shaolin Tourism Services Limited, which runs the "500 Arhats Temple" of the kung fu legendary place, the Shaolin Temple.