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But the peripheral chemoreceptors respond more rapidly to decreased or increased arterial oxygen partial pressure (PaO2), decreased or increased PaC[O.
Functional characterization of antennal contact chemoreceptors in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana: an electrophysiological investigation.
On the other hand, in contrast to aortic denervation, sino-aortic denervation, as usually performed, also destroys carotid chemoreceptors and results in hypoventilation, which by itself induces chronic hypoxia with its consequent chronic lowering of blood pressure (22,23).
This stability is achieved by the exquisite sensitivity of the chemoreceptor system, typically assessed by measuring the change in minute ventilation as a patient rebreathes C[O.
Sensilla coeloconica are considered as hygrothermoreceptors or contact chemoreceptors [10].
Peripheral feedback mechanisms (carotid chemoreceptors, respiratory muscle receptors, and limb locomotor muscle group III-IV afferents) enhance the sympathetically mediated pressor response (29).
Neuronal information is transported via the autonomic nerve (especially the vagus) from chemoreceptors in the internal visceral organs.
There are more than five sense receptors if we include enteroreceptors, such as proprioceptors (tension receptors) in muscles, tendons and joint capsules, or chemoreceptors for detecting blood pH, C[O.
2] = 50 mm Hg), which may have stimulated central, peripheral, and intrapulmonary chemoreceptors.
On the other hand, central command from higher brain centres and inputs from mechano- and chemoreceptors in contracting muscles contribute to maintaining sympathetic activity (though to a lesser extent than during exercise) preventing faster HR decay (Carter et al.
The ToxT-dependent methyl-accepting chemoreceptors AcfB and TcpI contribute to Vibrio cholerae intestinal colonization.
On an insect limb two main categories of sense organs can be found; mechanoreceptors and chemoreceptors, where only the former type are thought to have influence on agile locomotion (Delcomyn, F.
Their topics include a natural history of sensor domains in bacterial signaling systems, sensing ligands by periplasmic sensing histidine kinases with sensory pas domains, bacterial chemoreceptors as membrane-spanning allosteric enzymes, metal-dependent and metal responsive regulatory systems, and thiol-based sensory factors.
One of the beetle species that did not return has such long mandibles that the rootworm blood never even reached its mouth, indicating that chemoreceptors in the beetle's external mouthparts--rather than rootworm blood--made them decide against eating the rootworms.