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luminescence resulting from a chemical reaction as the oxidation of luciferin in fireflies

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PARIS -- An ultrasensitive chemoluminescent thyroglobulin assay can identify which differentiated thyroid cancer patients may require more intense follow-up after surgery, as well as those with a low risk of persistent or recurrent disease.
Plasma cortisol level was measured using a commercially available solid phase competitive chemoluminescent enzyme inmunoassay kit (Immulite 2000) (Diagnostic Products Corporation, Los Angeles CA, USA).
In addition to the wing bands described above, each of these bats was tagged with a small chemoluminescent tag (Buchler 1976).
Reactive bands were detected with an anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibody conjugated to horse radish peroxidase (Immuno-pure, Pierce, Rockford, IL) by a chemoluminescent substrate (SuperSignal West Pico for HRP, Pierce, Rockford, IL) and clear blue X-ray film (CL-XPosure, Pierce, Rockford, IL).
The fireflies are charming and mimic the stars with their chemoluminescent glow, but the mosquitoes drive us buggy.