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the use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (or mental illness)

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of Treatment Time gap patient 1 Radiotherapy+ chemo therapy 1 2 radiotherapy 1.
Before Kirsty, of Kir kliston, West Before Kirsty, of Kir kliston, West Lothian, started chemo therapy, she Lothian, started chemo therapy, she underwent egg retri eval and five underwent egg retri eval and five embryos were created.
In 2009, he was diagnosed with non-Hodg kin's lymphoma and underwent chemo therapy.
He added that Al-Masri must be given chemo therapy to stop the illness from spreading in his body.
For example, obese patients whose veins aren't as close to the surface of their skin, and patients being treated for chemo therapy often have bad veins from their regular intravenous treatment.
The woman with the researcher had participated in the program and had beaten cancer after surgery and chemo therapy failed.
My 14 year old daughter has recently successfully completed a course of chemo therapy having been diagnosed with Hodgkinson's Lymphoma Cancer at the Oncology department at Alder Hey Children''s Hospital.
Multi-stage Chemo Therapy Hair Systems are designed for all stages of chemotherapy related hair loss and last but not the least an unbeatable customer service.