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a city in east central Germany

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The city of chemnitz is planning the reconstruction of the main stadium in the sports forum, reichenhainer strae 154 in 09125 chemnitz.
2015 will be a successful year for the Chemnitz site
In Chemnitz a protective margin, patrolled by police, is created by a landscaped forecourt and pool around the synagogue which guides visitors to the entrance where they are inspected from a security office window.
Chemnitz has responsibility for the overall planning and management of the Company's legal affairs, including global intellectual property, commercial and transactional matters, litigation, mergers and acquisitions.
As universities work in close cooperation with commercial companies on research projects, it's imperative that we have access to the same tools and methodologies," said Robert Siegmund, Department of Systems and Circuit Design at the Chemnitz University of Technology.
Guarding of the objects of the municipal theater chemnitz ggmbh for 2 years with the double option of renewal for one year
The city of Chemnitz intends as the competent authority under 3 para.
Creation of the printer product of the stdtische theater chemnitz ggmbh with advertisement acquisition for a contract period of 2 years with the two-time option of renewal for 1 year each
Special transport services (bbl) for the city of chemnitz - see tender documents.
The City of Chemnitz is planning the Interior renovation of the school building of the Georg-Weerth-Oberschule; Uhlandstrae 2-4 in 09130 Chemnitz.
Services concession: lease and operation of a passive high-speed broadband network (fttb) to be built including purchase option based on the operator model in the city of chemnitz cluster nord.
The subject matter is the leasing of a passive NGA broadband network (hereinafter broadband infrastructure) in the city of Chemnitz Cluster Sd as well as its active operation, maintenance and repair for a period of seven years based on the award of a service concession.
The city of chemnitz intends to expand a nationwide broadband coverage in the defined expansion area chemnitz sd.