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ready susceptibility to chemical change

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The hereditary material that cells must preserve at all costs, DNA is chemically unreactive, structurally inflexible, and almost immobile.
A noble gas that is chemically unreactive, krypton forms when cosmic rays strike Earth and become trapped in air bubbles in ice.
1 Seafood and potato dish (8) 5 Decorative fringed tuft (6) 10 Fancy goods (5-6) 16 Taken - - -, surprised (5) 18 Two-humped camel (8) 19 Former superpower, - - - Union (6) 20 Coastal village, - - - of Lochalsh (4) 22 Chemically unreactive (5) 23 Spanish lady (6) 24 High-speed warship (7) 25 Dangerous position (3,4) 26 Me Too
Although it is chemically unreactive, it can be microbially reduced to the reactive nitrite ion.
Ashcroft[R] Duratemp[R] thermometers feature a molecular sieve design that uses a combination of a chemically unreactive gas and activated carbon which produces much lower internal pressures.
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