chemical warfare

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warfare using chemical agents to kill or injure or incapacitate the enemy

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Since its introduction Porton Man has run over 200 miles, carried out an extensive number of trials and has been exposed to various chemical warfare agents.
By tracing the components and impurities of a chemical warfare agent to the specific lot of precursors used to make it, investigators may be able to find answers to many important questions.
Research funded by the Department of Homeland Security has identified a new nonwoven fabric wipe as a significantly effective initial treatment for exposure to chemical warfare agents and toxic chemicals.
He believes "probably both" chemical warfare agents and experimental drugs are responsible for his illness.
This bunker contained 2,000 empty, 155-millimeter artillery shells contaminated with the chemical warfare agent mustard; 605 one-ton mustard containers with residues; and heavily contaminated construction materials.
Sarin is a chemical warfare agent belonging to class of compounds called organophosphates - the basis for insecticides, herbicides and nerve agents.
Mainly, this deal is to demonstrate the viability of using PyroGenesis' existing plasma chemical warfare agent destruction platform with locally available materials, to completely do away with chemical warfare agents without creating hazardous by-products.
Lately, the Office of the Secretary of Defense's Low-Level Chemical Working Group has been struggling in its attempts to define what is operationally hazardous in terms of traditional chemical warfare agent exposures.
Department of Defense to present the viability of its Tactical Plasma Arc Chemical Warfare Agent Destruction System.
This included three weather models and two chemical warfare agent dispersion models (SCIPUFF and VLSTRACK).
The goal of this program is to identify new small molecule candidates as possible useful therapeutics for treating both central and peripheral effects of chemical warfare agent exposure," said Dr.
If successful, the system could be used to safely destroy chemical warfare agent stockpiles on site without having to transport the highly toxic chemicals to a remote location for processing.
Tenders are invited for Chemical Warfare Agent Identifinder (cwa) & Toxic Industrial Chemical (tic) Detectors--Dept Of Natural Resources
The ACDC program seeks to create technologies for a transportable, prototype disposal system that turns any chemical warfare agent into safe organic compounds, like harmless soil, using minimal consumables in the process and generating no harmful waste.
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