chemical warfare

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warfare using chemical agents to kill or injure or incapacitate the enemy

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Destroying bulk stores of chemical warfare agents is a challenge for the U.
This bunker contained 2,000 empty, 155-millimeter artillery shells contaminated with the chemical warfare agent mustard; 605 one-ton mustard containers with residues; and heavily contaminated construction materials.
He believes "probably both" chemical warfare agents and experimental drugs are responsible for his illness.
1 This document constitutes a request for sealed proposals from prospective offerors for the purchase of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) identifinders and Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) detectors for the Missouri
Sarin is a chemical warfare agent belonging to class of compounds called organophosphates - the basis for insecticides, herbicides and nerve agents.
Do TICs pose a dangerous weaponized threat equal to that of chemical warfare agents, or are TICs just environmental health hazards?
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking a mobile system that can convert stockpiles of chemical warfare agents into dirt or other safe organic compounds without producing dangerous waste.
Interestingly enough, the downwind hazard area that might have caused first noticeable effects of chemical warfare agent exposure extended only 4 miles downwind from the pit and no one was in that area (see Figure 2).
The program aims to develop technologies for a transportable, prototype disposal system that converts any chemical warfare agent into safe organic compounds, such as harmless soil, using minimal consumables in the process and creating no hazardous waste.
The goal of this program is to identify new small molecule candidates as possible useful therapeutics for treating both central and peripheral effects of chemical warfare agent exposure," said Dr.
Second Major DoD Contract in Six Months for Easy-to-Use, Hand-Held Chemical Warfare Agent Monitors
The destruction of chemical warfare agent stockpiles is a treaty obligation of the United States as well as 170 other countries which have signed the treaty, including Russia, China, India and Pakistan.
The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has funded a Maas BiolAB, LLC research project to continue investigation of the neuroprotective properties of cyclosporin in models of chemical warfare agent exposure.
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