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an industrial plant where chemicals are produced

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The blast, which took place in the morning hours, caused extensive damage to the chemical factory named Thomas Baker Private Limited.
The warehouse and the chemical factory belonged to M.
This is a chemical factory and it had caught fire this morning.
The latest reports stated that more explosions are still taking place at the chemical factory.
Sub-officer Bob Mount, from Foleshill fire station, said the blaze was contained within the pipes, but added: "When you have got a fire in a chemical factory, the possibility of that escalating into a very serious incident is much greater, which is why there were so many crews there.
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh), June 14 (ANI): A massive fire broke out at a chemical factory in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut city on Monday morning.
SAFETY chiefs discovered asbestos at the heart of the massive chemical factory blaze at Linthwaite.
Chemical factory staff's shock over asbestos dangers
MORE than a 100 fire fighters tackled a blaze at a chemical factory in Kirkby yesterday.
MORE than 150 workers at a chemical factory in Widnes are to strike over fears that their company pension fund could close.
30 (ANI): A major fire broke out in a chemical factory located in Sudershanpura industrial area here today.
Barry Evans, 39, worked weekends carrying loads from Synthite's chemical factory at Mold.
FORTY firefighters spent five hours at the scene of a chemical factory blaze in Coventry at the weekend.
He also said that the Sub Divisional Magistrate has been suspended for ignorance in the matter as complaints were lodged earlier against the chemical factory.
Vapi (Gujarat), Jan 12 (ANI): At least ten workers were injured in a blast that took place inside a chemical factory here on Wednesday morning.
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