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a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates

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Additional examples, including chemical equilibria in other acid-base systems, solubility of salts and formation of complex ions, and a substantial mathematical development of these systems with plots both still and animated and with solved exercises, are available in an original Maple worksheet that is freely accessible from the Maple Application Centre [9].
Five classes of Chemistry students in a Canadian high school studied the concepts of dynamic chemical equilibria and Le Chatelier's Principle during late 2009.
Other matters they discuss are classical statistical physics and its applications to chemical equilibria, interacting systems, and strong electrolytes; quantum statistical physics and its application to Bose-Einstein condensate and statistical astrophysics; systematics of phase transition and Landau Theory for systems not very close to the phase-coexistence line; and the linear response theory of irreversible processes and fluctuating-dissipation theorem.
Smith, "Identification and Application of Partial Chemical Equilibria in Reactor Modelling," AIChE J.
Sposito G, Mattigod SV (1980) 'GEOCHEM: a computer program for the calculation of chemical equilibria in soil solution and other natural water systems.
1983): Chemical equilibria in Icelandic geothermal systems: Implications for chemical geothermometry investigations.
The electrodes are manufactured with a technology that incorporates a reference system where chemical equilibria are controlled.
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