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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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This observation is consistent with the previously mentioned report (11) that retarders can improve film properties with this type of crosslinking, presumably by slowing the rate of the chemical crosslinking reaction.
Composition and chemical crosslinking can be followed by the changes in the respective peak height between 2500 [cm.
Vulcanization or chemical crosslinking is not required to produce tough, flexible, rubbery articles.
Employing chemical crosslinking to detect Mcl-1/Bak dimers in intact mitochondrial membranes, GX15-070 was found to potently disrupt these interactions.
This altered xanthan is no longer soluble in the absorbed fluid, and is activated with functional groups, for example epoxides, which are capable of reacting with the amino groups of chitosan, producing chemical crosslinking [10].
BASF researchers considered crosslinking methods like UV and moisture curing, but focused on chemical crosslinking using a liquid agent fed into the extruder itself.
Chemical crosslinking usually occurs via the reactions between the functional groups existing in the reagents [5], The composition of hydrogels may be changed by altering the type of reagent and intermediate, the molecular structure of the reagent, the reaction mechanism, and others, which offers a considerable room for developing tunable hydrogels.
These new resins are formulated to provide improved physical properties without the use of chemical crosslinking agents.
Vulcanization or chemical crosslinking are not required to produce tough, rubbery articles.
This explains that some of the hydrophobic decanediol segments may agglomerate through hydrophobic interaction, and form some physical crosslinking points in addition to chemical crosslinking.
Thermoplastic processing is potentially accomplished by one of several reversible physical or chemical crosslinking mechanisms.
Based on the unsaturated bond on EPDM side chain, a kind of weak chemical crosslinking may be introduced into strong chemical crosslink network.
Other toxic residual components associated with chemical crosslinking such as initiators, chains transfer agents, and stabilizers may also present in PVA.
60]Co [gamma]-rays or electron beam) crosslinking [6, 7] and chemical crosslinking (peroxide and silane crosslinking) [8-11].
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