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a chemical formula showing the ratio of elements in a compound rather than the total number of atoms

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After leaves were removed from the stem, the shear force, weight, diameter and length, moisture content (MC), and chemical composition of the stem, the dominant part contributing to stylo nutritive value, were measured.
At Site A, there were no significant differences in grape chemical composition, grape phenol composition or wine phenol composition, though the latter might partly be due to the character of white winemaking.
This text reviews the literature on contact allergy to essential oils and their chemical composition, covering 79 essential oils that have caused contact allergy or allergic contact dermatitis, as well as the chemical composition of 91 essential oils and 2 jasmine absolutes.
We wish to thank Gemological Institute of America Laboratory--Bangkok for providing emeralds and their LA-ICP-MS chemical composition data used in this study.
Trey Mack, a graduate student in astronomy at Vanderbilt University, has developed a model that estimates the effect that such a diet has on a star's chemical composition and has used it to analyze a pair of twin stars which both have their own planets.
The difference in their planetary systems make the two stars ideal for studying the connection between exoplanets and the chemical composition of their stellar hosts.
While crystalline phases in fly ash can be readily assessed using X-ray diffraction, the glassy phases are more difficult to characterize because particles can have variable chemical compositions.
This is due to the group chemical composition of these materials (containing humic and fulvic acids, readily hydrolyzable substances, non hydrolyzable residue, trace elements, etc.
We shall never be able to study, by any method, their [stars'] chemical composition or their mineralogical structure," he wrote in Cours de Philosophie Positive.
Each will provide batteries that are proprietary in terms of the chemical composition, assembly and design.
This reference coalesces current and essential information about both trade name and generic chemical additives into a single source and expedites material selection for the user by cross-referencing trade name products by chemical composition, function/application, CAS number and E1NECS number.
Least Cost Suitable Charge (LCSC)--An electric arc furnace formula to determine what to use in any given melt based on current prices and suitable chemical composition.
Both the original PCC particles and the ashes were characterized in terms of size, density, surface area, porosity, chemical composition, color and electrostatic charge.
The austenitizing temperature is a function of the chemical composition of the iron.
Ten lab exercises provide students with observation keys, making CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF EVERYDAY PRODUCTS the perfect supplemental text for introductory chemistry courses.