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a solution containing a buffer

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remarks, "When fewer chemical units are used in the manufacture of polysilicon, the advantages are lower capital and operating costs over plants with multiple smaller unit operations and, in addition with fewer operational units, simpler operations result which lead to lower on-site chemical buffer storage capacities and thus safer operations.
Announced Record Spring Sales for Sur-Tec, a Chemical Buffer and Enhancer That is Tank Mixed with Herbicides to Improve Their Performance
The amount of fluid ingested in proportion to the amount of total body water is generally not enough to influence the pH of the system, chemical buffers within the body can respond to alterations in pH in milliseconds and the total concentration of hydrogen (H+) ions in the blood is 40 nmol/L while the concentration sodium (the main effective solute in the body) is 140 mmol/L (~3.
IOMED's proprietary electrodes stabilize the pH of the drug without using chemical buffers, and offer conformability and conductivity with the skin surface using a patented GelSponge(TM) element.