chemical warfare

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warfare using chemical agents to kill or injure or incapacitate the enemy

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Summary: Syrian activists and a doctor reported Thursday of new suspected chemical attacks in the northwestern province of Idlib, leaving several dozens of people suffering from asphyxiation.
Menawhile, the footages that were allegedly taken after the bombardment also confirm the chemical attack allegations.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army managed to thwart a joint plot by Turkey and the terrorist Al-Nusra Front to carry out chemical attacks in Damascus during the swearing-in ceremony of President Bashar al-Assad due July 17 after being reelected in the June election.
Washington and its Western allies blamed Assad's forces for the world's worst chemical attack in a quarter-century, and nearly launched military strikes in response.
The group initially visited Syria last month to investigate three alleged chemical attacks earlier this year.
We were told that they were evidence that the rebels are implicated in the chemical attack," Ryabkov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies after talks with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al Muallem late on Tuesday.
This report now provides irrefutable evidence that hundreds of civilians, including many children who died on August 21, have been victims of a chemical attack, he said in a statement tonight.
Tehran has been pulling out all the stops the last two weeks to defend the Syrian government and to blame the chemical attack on Syrian rebels.
The world cannot accept subjecting women and children to toxic gasses after US Intelligence revealed a report holding the Syrian regime responsible for the chemical attack.
We have heard about the use of phosphorus but I can't confirm as yet that people who have been subject to a chemical attack have crossed into Turkey," Aydogdu said.
Carney said it was preposterous to suggest that president Bashar al-Assad's forces were not responsible for the chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, which resulted in the deaths of 300 people.
Opposition groups in Syria maintain that the Assad regime launched a chemical attack on rebel-held areas.
WILLIAM Hague refused to rule out any options over Syria yesterday as he insisted the only "plausible explanation" for the atrocity on the outskirts of Damascus that is said to have killed 1,300 was a chemical attack orchestrated by Bashar Assad's regime.
WILLIAM Hague yesterday said a chemical attack by the Syrian government was the only "plausible explanation" for the massacre of more than 1,000 people this week.
Strong BBC evidence of chemical attack in Saraqeb Frothing at the mouth, constricted breathing, dilated pupils and a terrible stench all corroborates reports of a chemical attack in the northern Syrian town of Saraqeb last month.
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