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In the reconstructed version of the ancient Archean ocean, these metabolic reactions were particularly sensitive to the presence of ferrous iron that helped catalyze many of the chemical reactions that we observed, he said.
In the current issue of Science, MSU chemist Jim McCusker demonstrates for the first time the effect is real and also suggests how scientists could use it to control and predict chemical reaction pathways in general.
When the results were in, Liu and his coworkers discovered that they had created a new chemical reaction.
To answer that question, he and his colleagues have been re-creating molecular clouds in the laboratory to simulate the different chemical reactions that might occur within that extremely frigid environment.
The charge reverses the chemical reactions in the battery and restores the unbalanced charge, Batson explains.
Explains how to control a chemical reaction by monitoring the critical process variables.
Problems arise when chemical reactions change the arsenates into arsenites, which don't bind tightly to other minerals and can therefore enter the underground water supply.
Because a spark is a good way to kick off a chemical reaction.
He suggests that hyphae also might be custom-coated with catalytic materials to provide a large surface area for catalysis in chemical reactions.
The new precious-metal films might also find use as catalysts since their nooks and crannies could promote chemical reactions, Porter suggests.
2 uniquely offers process engineers the ability to include species transport and chemical reactions with all multiphase models, including the Eulerian and free surface models, in a fully unstructured environment.
They point their fingers instead at buried peat deposits, which they say foster chemical reactions that introduce the arsenic into aquifers.
All multiphase models can be used in conjunction with species transport and chemical reactions.
The results give other researchers a new tool for studying complicated chemical reactions, such as those that occur during the depletion of Earth's protective ozone layer.