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Synonyms for formula

Synonyms for formula

a means or method of entering into or achieving something desirable

Synonyms for formula

a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement

directions for making something


a conventionalized statement expressing some fundamental principle

Related Words

a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements

something regarded as a normative example

a liquid food for infants

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(mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems

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Software reduces the complex data set to a short list of peaks for further review, interprets the spectrum to determine the mass of the protonated molecule, and determines potential chemical formulae for the potential metabolite.
Thanks to my presence at Haldon (I ordered sausage rolls, soup, an apple tart with custard), substantial profits will not end up with some multinational corporation but will subsidise tertiary education, acquaint young folk with chemical formulae, teach them Chinese architecture, philosophy and zoology, and reduce student loans.
I won't bore you with their chemical formulae, but suffice to say they are all pure chemicals or mixtures of chemicals - 'a substance produced by a chemical reaction' according to my dictionary.
Of the works which reflect a more contemporary sensibility, the most successful to my mind are Ruth Green's two silk hangings, with their big abstract gestures registering from a distance and printed chemical formulae waiting to be discovered in close-up.
With the initial release, crisp images of mechanical, electrical and engineering drawings and diagrams, and chemical formulae can be displayed on-screen within seconds.