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Synonyms for chemistry

the science of matter

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the chemical composition and properties of a substance or object

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the way two individuals relate to each other

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Electron Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemestry 5 (2): 1195-1204.
Centralization and conflict in firms from Spanish chemestry industry
La presentacion fue presidida por Cristian Santiago, gerente de Leche y derivados lacteos de Grupo Lala, Nathalie Darres, gerente de marcas de esta misma empresa y por Luis Lance, director creativo de Olabuenaga Chemestry.
1984: The petrology, chemestry, and evolution of the Aguacate Formation, Tilaran Cordillera and Aguate Mountains, Costa Rica, Central America.
The first-year Kingsmen coach hopes that putting his club through a unique opening week of practice just outside of San Diego will generate some much needed chemestry among players.