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TRSC = Trachemys scripta; PSCO = Pseudemys scripta; GRPU = Graptemys pulchra; APSP = Apalone spinifera; GRGE = Graptemys geographica; CHSE = Chelydra serpentina; STMI = Sternotherus minor.
In Apalone spinifera, the elements of the neurocranium ossify between stages 19 and 23 (SHEIL, 2003), in Macrochelys teminckii between stages 21 and 24 (SHEIL, 2005), and in Chelydra serpentina (RIEPPEL, 1993; SHEIL; GREENBAUM, 2005) between stages 21 and 23, indicating that this is the period of longest duration in Podocnemis expansa, since it takes place between stages 19 and 24.
sylvatica, Chelydra serpentina, Chrysemys picta, Emydoidea blandingii, Glyptemys insculpta, Graptemys geographica, Eumeces fasciatus, Diadophis punctatus, Elaphe vulpina, Lampropeltis triangulum, Nerodia sipedon, Opheodrys vernalis, Storeria dekay, S.
Survivorship of adult females in a northern population of common snapping turtles, Chelydra serpentina.
Thermal and behavioral responses to feeding in free-ranging turtles, Chelydra serpentina.
of individuals+number of recaptures) were Chelydra serpentina (2+0),
Igual tamano alcanza la feroz tortuga lagarto o mordelona, Chelydra serpentina; en tanto que la tortuga blanca, Dermatemys mawii, alcanza un poco mas de 60 centimetros.
In other turtles, such as Chelydra serpentina, the size variation of the carapace of sexually mature males varies between 16.
Chelydra serpentina has the broadest geographic range of any North American chelonian (Iverson, 1992).
Representatives of families Kinostemidae, Chelydridae, and Trionychidae were represented by one species each, with Sternotherus odoratus (35%), Chelydra ser-pentina (10%), and Apa lone spin ifera (1%) being collected, respectively.
All recaptures (in parentheses) occurred in the trap type of original capture Sampling method Species Common Visual Hoop Basking name nets traps Apalone Spiny 39 7 0 spinifera softshell Chelydra Snapping 14 39(4) 0 serpentine turtle Graptemys Northern 454 5(1) 25(4) geographica map turtle Trachemys Pond 686 40(3) 3 scripta slider Total 1193 91 28
Gans (1979) constatou que, entre os quelonios, as arterias renais de Crysemys e Chelydra penetram no rim centro-dorsalmente, como vasos interlobulares, e arteriolas menores seguem internamente pelos glomerulos capilares.
4% consisted of the following five species: Bufo nebulifer, Syrrhophus marnocki, Trachemys scripta, Chelydra serpentina, and Rana catesbeiana.