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a high-performance four-wheel drive car built on a truck chassis

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My mum needed child benefit infinitely more than all these yummy-mummies doing the school run in their Chelsea Tractors with a brood of blazered brats in the back.
These so-called Chelsea tractors that are causing this problem have been bought as fashion accessories but farmers and people like plant hire operators don't have that luxury.
But you don't need a thirsty Chelsea tractor just to ferry your animal around.
You may get a little wobble in your Chelsea tractor from a poorly finished mend.
Time for my BT man to go more Smart Car than Chelsea Tractor then?
So whether you drive a Chelsea tractor or get the bus, this bar provided a valuable opportunity to de-stress and find the drink you've been looking for all these years.
We'll send a Chelsea tractor to tow the worst motors away.
Given the Examiner's current penchant for nit-picking over every little decision made by those in authority it would be the Chelsea tractor owners who would be in the right.
I don't have a Chelsea tractor - so that must be in my favour, don't you think?
With the diesel engine the Kuga really hits the mark - a 4x4 which escapes the Chelsea Tractor tag.
Mr Livingstone said: "Nobody needs to damage the environment by driving a gasguzzling Chelsea tractor in central London.
It's about the people who are there such as the nannies and the Chelsea tractor owners, as well as the teachers and the lollipop man.
When the goons give chase in a black Chelsea tractor,otherwise known as a 4x4, Jamie needs all his Knowledge to evade them but,even then,he still comes a cropper.
My guess is they will be reclining in the sauna of their second home - a stately pile on the south coast, just three hours from London by Chelsea tractor - wondering what cause to champion next.
According to a new survey, the vast majority of controversial, so-called Chelsea Tractor 4x4 vehicles are driven by women.