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Order/Family/Species Spanish and/or English common names Crocodilia Crocodylidae Crocodylus acutus Cocodrilo americano, cocodrilo de rio, American crocodile Testudines Cheloniidae Caretta caretta Tortuga caguama, loggerhead sea turtle Chelonia mydas Tortuga blanca, green turtle Eretmochelys imbricata Tortuga carey, hawksbill sea turtle Dermochelydae Dermochelys coriacea Tortuga laud, leatherback sea turtle Squamata Gekkonidae Aristelliger georgeensis Gecko pestanudo, salamanquesa, St.
The turtle barnacle has been identified as Chelonibia testudinaria (Linnaeus, 1758), a widespread, commensal species found on all genera of Cheloniidae in the world's oceans.
Other closely related groups are the Cheloniidae (Puppigerus, Natador, Lepidochelys, Chelonia, Eretmochelys, Caretta, Eochelone) and Osteopygis, Mesodermochelys and Corsochelys as well as the Protostegidae (Archelon, Chelosphargis, Desmatochelys) and Allopleuron.
En el Orden Testudines la familia Cheloniidae presento el mayor numero de especies (3) y el orden Crocodylia una sola especie (Tabla I).
Familie Cheloniidae und Dermochelyidae (Meeresschildkroten, Suppenschildkrote, Karettschildkrote, Bastardschildkrote,
Marine turtles belong to two different families: the Dermochelidae (leatherbacks), with one genus (Dermochelys), and the Cheloniidae, with four genera (Chelonia, Caretta, Lepidochelys, Eretmochelys).
The general shape and proportions of the neurals, however, matches only the turtles of the Family Cheloniidae, which includes all living sea turtles (except the highly specialized Dermochelys coriacea).
The ancient societies of the central american isthmus left behind archaeological evidence relating to the use of regional cheloniidae resources, especially for subsistence purposes, and later for ideological purposes.
The other chelonioid families are Cheloniidae, which include hawksbill, loggerhead and other marine turtles, and the Dermochelyidae, represented by a lone species of leatherback turtles.