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Best of all are the turtles, Chelonia, who lay their eggs on the island, safe in its isolation from development, foxes and people.
Like most of my stories, the seeds of Chelonia Green, Champion of Turtles were sown in my childhood.
Drew wasn't so far off the mark - the British Chelonia Society identified the beast as Macroclemys temminckii, an alligator snapping turtle native to the Mississippi river.
The participants in the tour will also visit Tortuguero in Costa Rica, where they will see chelonia mydas turtles come up from the ocean and lay eggs.
Tortoise breeder and British Chelonia Group member Colin Walton will also be taking a selection of tortoise species to the aquarium.
In order to sample a taste of the high-life, we chartered the beautiful catamaran Chelonia,and sunbathed on the deck,drank wine,and generally lived the life of millionaires for an afternoon.
After the last bout of Turtle mania in 1989, animal welfare organisation the British Chelonia Group (BCG) were swamped with unwanted turtles and terrapins.
Turtles are represented by remains of a large sea turtle of the modem genus Chelonia and a softshell turtle assigned to cf.
You might be aware that tortoises are the land lovers of the order Chelonia, while their freshwater relations are called terrapins and those that inhabit the sea are referred to as turtles.
This black and white comic strip collection deals with the people of Fastrack, a company run by Ms Trellis and featuring workers like Wendy, Art, Bud and Ms Trellis' daughter Chelonia.
The Barry Hills-trained Chelonia can confirm the promise of her Newbury third behind Santiburi Girl earlier this month by winning the Clown Spectacular Fillies' Handicap (5.
However the posterior neural curvature (convex; caudad) is found only in Chelonia and Caretta among specimens compared during this study.
Hibernating tortoises who've survived this month's confusing weather signals may well be as hard as their shells, but you can make sure at the British Chelonia Society Tortoise MOT health-check clinic at Birmingham Nature Centre, Cannon Hill Park, on April 18.
In the late 1990's concern for protecting the green, Chelonia mydas; leatherback; loggerhead; and olive ridley, Lepidochelys olivacea, sea turtles was prompted by the frequency of sea turtle interactions with Hawaii longline fishing gear.