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When there is too much, wasted time [it] becomes a huge factor," Chelone said.
Lean is designed to reduce those steps, which reduces time, which reduces cost," Chelone said.
Chelone imbricata: Brongniart, 1805; Chelonia imbricata: Schweiger, 1812; Caretta imbricata: Merrem, 1820; Eretmochelys imbricata: Fitzinger, 1843; Onychochelys kraussi Gray, 1873.
Testudo coriaceous Pennant, 1769; Chelone coriacea: Brongniart, 1805; Dermochelys coriacea: Blainvill, 1816; Coriudo coriacea-.
Chelone, a professional snowboarder, was 29 when he died of seizure and according to reports, it was his dream to compete in the Olympics with his brother.
Although it was Miller who brought up the topic of his brother saying, "With my brother passing away, I really wanted to come back here and race the way he sends it," Cooper has been criticized for pressing him to talk more about Chelone.
In a literature study the lost cranial fragment was grouped by KARL (1993) with Pseudosphargis Dames, 1894 (type specimen: Chelone ingens v.
The comparison of this material with the characters of Chelone gwinneri Wegner, 1918 from the Middle Oligocene of Florsheim shows that the whole material previously allocated to Chelyopsis species is co-specific and synonymous with the genus Glarichelys Zangerl, 1958.
For example, the ground-layer guild of geomorphic surfaces of high inundation potential, typified by relatively high species richness, biomass, cover and the general shade-intolerance of the flora (especially the graminoids), would include dominant wetland species such as Glyceria melicaria, Galium asprellum, Impatiens capensis, Oxalis stricta, Aster umbellatus, Chelone glabra and Polygonum sagittatum, among others (Table 3).
Herbaceous plants occurring only in this sedge meadow include Chelone glabra, Eupatoriadelphus maculatus, and Typha latifolia.
Forbs and grasses occurring at this site include Chelone glabra, Eleocharis erythropoda, Lobelia siphilitica, Oxypolis rigidior, Poa trivialis, Polygonum punctatum, and Valerianella umbilicata.
Other plants dominating this site include Bidens cernua, Bidens tripartita, Carex lurida, Carex tribuloides, Chelone glabra, Eleocharis erythropoda.
Other species of note include Camassia scilloides, Chelone obliqua, Iris virginica, and Verbesina alternifolia, which all grow in dense, isolated patches.
Species found only at Botany Glen and not at other documented studies from the region include Ophioglossum vulgatum, Heracleum lanatum, Triosteum perfoliatum, Trillium grandiflorum, Stylophorum diphyllum, Chelone oblique, and Viola palmata
Chelone glabra, Cuscuta gronovii (parasitic on teasel), Dipsacus sylvestris, Epilobium coloratum, Eupa torium perfoliatum, Impatiens capensis (abundant), I.