Chelidonium majus

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perennial herb with branched woody stock and bright yellow flowers

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Biological and phytochemical evaluation of plants V: isolation of two cytotoxic alkaloids from Chelidonium majus.
Chai, Stylopine from Chelidonium majus Inhibits LPS-lnduced Inflammatory Mediators in RAW 264.
Water extract isolated from Chelidonium majus enhances nitric oxide and tumour necrosis factor-alpha production via nuclear factor-kappaB activation in mouse peritoneal macrophages.
61 Anthemis tinctoria 1 Anthriscus sylvestris 1 A triplex prostrata 2 2 Brassica campestris 5 9 Capsella bursa pastoris 1 Centaurea cyanus 2 3 Cerastium arvense 3 Cerastium holosteoides 15 Chelidonium majus 38 Chenopodium album 69 479 544 Chenopodium glaucum 7 Erodium cicutarium 1 Fallopia convolvulus 8 31 Fumaria officinalis 2 Galeopsis ladanum 1 Galeopsis tetrahit/speciosa 9 25 Galium aparine 39 Galium spurium 1 Geranium pusillum 4 Lamium album 1 Lamium purpureum 1 Lapsana communis 2 Polygonum aviculare 29 Polygonum lapathifolium 12 237 Polygonum sp.
21 In Europe as well, intravenous Chelidonium majus,22 Helleborus niger,23 and Dionaea muscipula24 have demonstrated dramatic effects not only in strengthening the function of the immune system, but also in tumor reduction.
The remedy comes in a form of cream and as per the information on the package its bioactive ingredients include chelidonium majus extract, willow bark extract, birch tree bark extract, cade oil, tea tree oil, salicylic acid and lactic acid and hyaluronic acid.
Ukrain[TM], a purported anticancer drug, has been described as a semi-synthetic Chelidonium majus alkaloid derivative, consisting of three chelidonine molecules combined to thiophosphoric acid (thiotepa).
Fumaria officinalis (fumitory-of-the-wall) and Chelidonium majus (celandine) are two among many cholagogues that empirically seem to be helpful.
Chelidonium majus L (Ukrain) in the treatment of cancer patients.
Holodd Wyn G Roberts, Pwllheli os oedd melynllys (llysiau'r wennol; Chelidonium majus yn ddiogel at ddefaid.
This study demonstrates that chelidonine and an alkaloid extract from Chelidonium majus, which contains protoberberine and benzoiciphenanthridine alkaloids, has the ability to overcome MDR of different cancer cell lines through interaction with ABC-transporters, CYP3A4 and GST, by induction of apoptosis, and cytotoxic effects.