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(medicine) the process of removing a heavy metal from the bloodstream by means of a chelate as in treating lead or mercury poisoning

the process of forming a ring by forming one or more hydrogen bonds

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These factors resulted in the business needing to review its long term strategic options for the chelant and sodium sarcosinate production at Seal Sands.
These factors resulted in the business needing to review its long-term strategic options for the chelant and sodium sarcosinate production at Seal Sands.
Chelant extraction of heavy metals from contaminated soils, Journal of Hazardous Materials 66: 151-210.
The researchers carried out a laboratory study and two mill trials to find out if reducing the pH or adding chelant could reduce the Mn content of effluents at the Weyerhaeuser pulp mill in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.
The author discusses such topics as organic acid and chelant solvents, new inhibitors, improved techniques for removing refinery/chemical plant deposits, and how we have come to better understand the chemical mechanisms underlying many of the current processes.
When Dow exclusively licensed to NeoRx the combination of the bone-seeking chelant, DOTMP, with holmium-166, it was hoped that this combination would be effective in delivering high doses of radiation to bone and bone marrow for the treatment of diseases such as multiple myeloma," said Roy Quartermaine, PhD, commercial manager, Pharmaceutical Technologies of The Dow Chemical Company.
The facility makes liquid chelant products and sodium sarcosinate, which is used in a range of processing and manufacturing industries such as paper production.
HT] bleaching over the aminocarboxylate-based stabilizers is related to the capability of the chelant to complex with Fe.
Depending on the metal content in the pulp, either it is chelated separately or stabilized with the addition of magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), or chelant added in the peroxide stage.
This was mainly due to lower sales of Octaquest(R), the biodegradable chelant used in laundry detergent.
The composition is comprised of a chelant selected from the group consisting of glutamic acid, diethylenetriamine penta methylphosphonic acid; diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid, methyl glycinediacetic acid and mixtures thereof; a surfactant selected from the group consisting of anionic, nonionic, cationic, amphoteric, zwitterionic, semi-polar nonionic surfactants and mixtures thereof; a branched nonionic surfactant; and aqueous liquid carrier.
It is comprised of a surfactant system (including an alkox-ylated nonionic surfactant, a sulphated or sulphonated anionic surfactant; and a neutralizing co-surfactant); a thickener or mixture thereof; a chelant or mixture thereof; a solvent selected from the group consisting of ethers having from 4 to 14 carbon atoms, diethers having from 4 to 14 carbon atoms, glycols, alkoxylated glycols, alkoxylated aromatic alcohols, aromatic alcohols, alkoxylated aliphatic alcohols, aliphatic alcohols, C8-C14 alkyl hydrocarbons, C8-C14 cycloalkyl hydrocarbons, C8-C14 alkyl ha lohydrocarbons, C8-C14 cycloalkyl halohydrocarbons, C6-C16 glycol ethers, and mixtures thereof; and water.