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Russian dramatist whose plays are concerned with the difficulty of communication between people (1860-1904)

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When they were rehearsing, Nigel told me it was Chekovian, but I thought he was saying it was Jacobean.
My favorite films of the year are a Chekovian French family drama (Olivier Assayas's "Summer Hours"), a classroom drama (Laurent Cantet's "Entre les murs"), the decade's best political satire (Armando Iannucci's "In the Loop"), an American romantic melodrama (Gray's aforementioned "Lovers") and an original reworking of Dostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov" (Petr Zelenka's "Karamazovi").
Kristine said the production will have a "moody, Chekovian feel".
In his preface to the Chekovian drama Heartbreak House (1919) (a genre familiarized by Constance Garnett's translations) Shaw arraigned a generation of upper middle-class writers possessed of 'social opportunities of contact with our politicians, administrators, and newspaper proprietors' who failed to use their influence to prevent war:
If the play is arguably the "most Chekovian of Shakespeare's comedies," this production stressed its "imaginative strangeness rather than its social relationships or silvery sadness," implying that "the central lovers are all victims of their private fantasies" and "prisoners of their dreams" (Michael Billington, Guardian, 4/29/05).
The crucial recognition of what is from what has been is expressed in the dialogue, in which both Julie and Jean are speaking past one another like two Chekovian characters, at all costs avoiding the truth they know all too well.
It's obvious that the gasoline puddles in the driveway are a Chekovian "gun that must go off," that Diane has a painful secret, that martini-fueled Sinclair will attack everyone in sight and that somebody in the group will counterattack.