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Russian dramatist whose plays are concerned with the difficulty of communication between people (1860-1904)

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Director Tara Wibrew maintains a lively pace for this comedy, occasionally slowing to Chekhovian moments of sadness and despair.
the conversations between live and virtual performers served a peculiarly Chekhovian purpose--emphasizing the multiple ways in which characters like Andrei and Natasha are both present and absent to one another simultaneously.
This is a unique work, and one that remains interesting all the way through the reveal of its Chekhovian secrets.
And yet, pessimism is not really an adequate term for the Chekhovian play.
Probably the most significant Chekhovian motif in The Professor of Desire is the theme of "romantic disillusionment," Kepesh's feeling of entrapment in his marriage as addressed in Chekhov's "Gooseberries" and "The Lady with the Dog," among other stories, two tales which deal with "the varieties of pain engendered by spiritual imprisonment" (156) and, as such, with the intricacies of failed love.
It is an absorbing Chekhovian tragicomedy about two generations of a family originally from the Punjab but based in Britain since the late 1960s.
Burdened with absurd plot twists and two-ton metaphors (including a Chekhovian gun and a swimming pool more symbolic than Gatsby's), this depressive drama about the desperate measures called for by desperate times will need its own strongarm tactics to see any significant theatrical exposure following its Berlin and SXSW premieres.
2) Henley's, Wasserstein's, and Wertenbaker's plays transpose Chekhov's characters and some of the motifs and themes associated with them to new times and places while ignoring the original dramatic situation and most of the Chekhovian dialogue.
Olivier and his actors are able to evoke the classic Chekhovian mood from the opening and carry it through smoothly and warmly until the end.
If you're into nostalgia, you'll love Kunming's Chekhovian side.
This time around Sly has passed directing duties over to Simon West, who made Con Air so he has form for this kind of thing, though that was positively Chekhovian compared to this.
Whether it's the modern twists on Greek stories, the Chekhovian family relationships, or the central role of courageous women, her plays demand to be seen and heard.
While Dylan regarded his album as a work of Chekhovian fiction, White has stressed Blunderbuss's impersonal themes (technology and morality on the rocking "Freedom at 21," hipsters and authenticity on the McCartney-esque "Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy").
The play, an ensemble piece with a cast of eight, has been described as a physical piece with Greek Chorus overtones written in a Chekhovian style.