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(Greek mythology) the learned centaur who tutored Achilles, Asclepius, Hercules, Jason, and other heroes

an asteroid discovered in 1977

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The sources added that this deal is the first investment conducted by Cheiron outside the Suez Gulf, pointing out that the North Bahariya field produces oil regularly and is not just an exploratory field.
Sessions with Stargate and Ne-Yo provide further evidence of the trial and error approaches used to plot a path to the next Billboard hit, with the help of a revolving cast of collaborators, similar to the Cheiron model.
After all, Cheiron and Martin, on the back of Backstreet's success, would eventually become synonymous with factory-like efficiency in pop songcraft.
Cheiron's people have been exiled to a harsh mountain world by invaders, where they seek out a marginal life and where Cheiron is a teacher, at age nineteen facing ten more years until he can marry his beloved.
An earlier version of this paper was presented at the joint meeting of Cheiron and the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences, Dawson College, Montreal, Canada, July 2012.
His plates vividly illustrate the portrayal of, among others, cripples (including Hephaestus, Cheiron and 'Aesop', plates 17-19, 21 and 26 respectively), hunchbacks and dwarfs (plates 26, 45, 46) on vases and in marble or terracotta statuettes and bronze figurines.
The strange lines, "Of the two donors, the doctor / ceded to his poisoned fetlock, forethought / donated his liver and got life--," are hyperlinked in the web version, and lead to a backstory about Hercules inventing chemical warfare by using the Hydras poisoned blood on the centaurs; Cheiron the centaur, who relinquished immortality to end the chronic pain in his wounded foot; and the fact that napalm damages the liver.
3) Sobre el desinteres por parte de la historiografia italiana despues de la Segunda Guerra mundial por los temas vinculados con la historia militar remito a las consideraciones expuestas en las paginas de DEL NEGRO, Piero: <<La storia militare dell'Italia moderna nello specchio della storiografia del Novecento>>, Cheiron, 23 (1995), pp.
And this is true even when the philosopher in question is educated by one of the most important philosophers ever, namely, Aristotle, and not by the centaur Cheiron, as in the case of Alexander the Great (cf.
Somados aos discursos XI -- Troia nao foi capturada pelos gregos, LVIII -- Retrato de Nestor de Homero, LVIII -- Dialogo entre Aquiles e Cheiron, LIX Filotetes, uma parafrase e XII -- Discurso Olimpico (primeira concepcao do homem sobre deus) compoem um grupo de discursos que traz referencias as obras epicas gregas utilizadas como metaforas e alegorias sobre o Imperio Romano e faz analogias a si mesmo ora como Filotetes, ora como Odisseu, ora como Homero e ora como Socrates.
Le origini clas-siche del fasto rinascimentale italiano," Cheiron (1999): 77-78.
Mythical traditions hold that Asklepios was the son of Apollo and a mortal woman, and was trained as a doctor by the centaur Cheiron, explains Wickkiser (classics, Vanderbilt U.
lt;<Corte, onore e ragione di stato: ii ruolo dell'ambasciatore in eta moderna>>, Cheiron, 30, 1998, pp.
CHEIRON The production team formed by influential DJ Denniz Pop and Tom Talomaa in 1992 ensured the Abba standard for high-selling Swedish-produced pop continued.