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Synonyms for chef

a person who prepares food for eating


Words related to chef

a professional cook

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A chef d'oeuvre of that kind of quiet evolution of character through circumstance, introduced into English literature by Miss Austen, and carried to perfection in France by George Sand (who is more to the point, because, like Mrs.
Reuter sat silent a moment; some novel movements were evidently working in her mind, and they showed their nature on her astute brow; she was meditating some CHEF D'OEUVRE of policy.
Prior to working at Fairmont The Palm, Chef Durmen moved to Dubai in 2014 to become chef de cuisine at a five-star luxury brand in International Financial Centre managing the kitchen for Cafe Belge and Sunken Garden, operating and managing a team of 16 Chefs for three years.
8220;Chef's Roll helps chefs present themselves effectively and professionally online, and we help chefs present themselves through fashion forward uniform options.
There are around 250,000 chefs and cooks in the UK, but there is a shortage of skilled chefs, which means there should be plenty of opportunity for career progression.
Most chefs work a 40-hour week and often work overtime.
AC: To be a challenger on Iron Chef America is a holy grail for some chefs.
A close friend told me there was a piece on African American chefs in the June issue.
These are vegan center-of-the-plate items (entrees) and vegan desserts because they are the most challenging for chefs to successfully create and execute.
Guest chefs conduct cooking demonstrations and lectures on board, and when the ships hit port, participants are conducted to some of the notable restaurants in the Caribbean (the latter outings are priced much like conventional shore excursions).
This job will include planning the menu, ordering ingredients, supervising the other chefs, maintaining the quality of the food and keeping the kitchen rubbing efficiently.
The program began in 1981, when five chefs earned CMC stares.
2003 Iowa Pork Queen Beth Kulow presented Chef Shad Kirton with Chef Par Excellence during the 18th Annual Taste of Elegance.
Yet, as Alice and I talked, I came to realize the true significance of her letter: In 21st-century America, chefs preach.
By supplying our chef service to potential home buyers, you will achieve the goal of making your home more appealing to buyers," said Brent Butler, account manager for To Go Chefs International.