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Synonyms for masterpiece

Synonyms for masterpiece

an outstanding and ingenious work

Synonyms for masterpiece

the most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman

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an outstanding achievement

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The problem of imitation is however a catalyst in the narratives Lather's chose for her study, from Frenhofer's theory from the Chef d'oeuvre inconnu (p.
I backed him over fences last time and he went from travelling well to a walk very quickly, but trainer Warren Greatrex is in terrific form (eight of his last 15 runners have finished first or second) and Chef D'Oeuvre goes through deep ground better than most.
un chef d'oeuvre avec huit nominations pour les Oscars .
Knight's crucial first chapter, which analyzes both Sarrasine and Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu, provides an important critical counterweight to Barthes's analysis of Sarrasine as a tragic figure who, obsessed with the Italian singer who embodies his ideal of feminine beauty, is destroyed by the discovery that his model is a castrato.
Very remiss of me not to thank you for the kind gift of the Widdecombe chef d'oeuvre,' he writes.
Consider a practice in which muscle cars are impossibly elegant post-Minimal sculptures; a tract-style house "up behind the Catskills" enters the collection of the Guggenheim; and the rumor of a library in a town house in sleepy Rensselaerville becomes a chef d'oeuvre.
Une fresque alteree cependant par la main intruse de l'administration coloniale qui y avait superpose six autres couches qui ont obstrue et denature ce chef d'oeuvre reproduisant les splendeurs de l'architecture orientale.
This collection of essays, written between 1984 and 2001, surveys a number of Balzac's novels, ranging from classics such as Le Lys clans la vallee and Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu to lesser-studied texts such as Facino Cane and La Muse du departement.
205), and Thompson proclaims it to be 'le chef d'oeuvre de Hugo romancier (p.
Having tackled Antonioni's chef d'oeuvre, Bulloch's next step is to integrate real-time information.
Chef D'Oeuvre has form figures of 11411 on heavy ground and, while admittedly the official going description is only soft (heavy in places), those conditions at Lingfield would be comparable to heavy at most other tracks.
La soiree etait pleine d'emotions a ou le chant de la musique transcendante a ouvert l'appetit de public pour deguster les notes et la magie de ce chef d'oeuvre musical produit par le genie Beethoven.
Les graffitis de la Revolution du 25 Janvier, temoins indeniables toujours presents sur les lieux, ont ete le chef d'oeuvre de l'artiste Taha Al-Qorany.
In addition to Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu, Balzac takes up similar themes with Sarrasine, in which the eighteenth-century sculptor falls in love with a castrated opera singer whom he takes for and sculpts as a woman.
Her chef d'oeuvre to date, Polymathicstyrene, 1999-2000, shown this fall at Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica and Murray Guy in New York, develops this multiplicitous aesthetic to a brilliantly paradoxical pitch.