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cheese formed in long strings twisted together

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Then, as if to make a bad situation worse, she went for a socks and peep-toe ankle boots combo which is frankly not advisable for anyone with calves wider than Cheesestrings.
SWIMMING: Newburn's Jessica Thielman struck gold in the 12 years girls' 400 metres freestyle at the Cheesestrings ASA National Age Group Championships in Sheffield.
I wonder if they feel that warm glow inside as they face a class of screaming kids, flailing cheesestrings and a national curriculum to get through.
Big sellers for kids are Petit Filous and Cheesestrings.
Key brands include Black Diamond, Schneider's, Lactantia, Cheesestrings, Ficello, Balderson, and Parkay.
Christopher Dixon and Andrew Learmouth brought gold back to Newcastle from the North East Cheesestrings Age Group Championships at Sheffield.
The market might prove a good guide to the Cheesestrings Beginners Chase.
Just two other baskets came back full with our choice of pack sizes for Frubes and Cheesestrings not matching those on the shelves.
Products such as Golden Vale Cheesestrings, Nestle's Fruit Pastille Body Parts and Lyons Crazy Corner customised cakes all capture their imagination.
He stopped rifling through the bags looking for the Cheesestrings and laughed, 'Ha, Plasticine Dad
Golden Vale, the maker of Cheesestrings and Dip Stix, saw pre-tax profit rise by nearly one third last year to IR 21.
Dear BIZ WE are a bunch of students at the London College of Contemporary Music and have formed a college band, The Cheesestrings.
Now - at a time when adding value will be critical to the bottom line - it has just launched a branded cheese snack product, Cheesestrings (The Grocer February 17).