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an enthusiastic and vocal supporter

someone who leads the cheers by spectators at a sporting event

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UO cheerleaders perform traditional straight-arm leaps and cheers with pom pom shaking, but they also shimmy their shoulders and chests, roll their hips and pop out their bottoms.
The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are thrilled to be selected by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to perform in the 20th annual Cathay Pacific Lunar New Year celebrations," Director of Cheerleaders Shawna Peters said.
The Shrewsbury High School cheerleaders raised money by canning at football games and other sporting events in town, as well as hosting a cheer clinic for younger kids in the town of Shrewsbury and surrounding towns
No thanks to the "boring seven"-- Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears of the NFC North, we can't have a full collection of pictures of all cheerleaders across the conference.
Fifteen teenagers from Birkenhead Comets Cheerleaders will jet out to Pensacola, Florida on April 8 for the US Finals - where they will compete against teams from across Europe, America and Australia.
And they are looking forward to meeting young cheerleaders of the future who enroll for dance camps next month.
The skimpily-dressed exotic cheerleaders, both of foreign and Indian origin, are set to be banned by the BCCI from the Champions League following reports of wild after-match parties and links to crime barons.
The cheerleaders at Kountze High School in Kountze, Texas, had been using banners with Bible verses to motivate the football team during games.
Taylor's best advice to young cheerleaders is to go beyond what is required at practice by stretching and conditioning at home.
The audience seems divided when it comes to cheerleaders.
Gemini Cheerleaders were invited to take part after success at the national championships in Manchester.
But the season well and truly kicked off last night as the cheerleaders and sportsmen paraded from St Stephens Green to Trinity College.
The Championship club have the help of their group of cheerleaders to try and entice the Eagles' supporters to eventually part with their hard-earned cash.
cheerleaders have been named 2012 Collegiate All-American team members by Inside Cheerleading magazine.
THE PAPHOS Warriors, an Arsenal affiliated soccer school, has put a call out for would be cheerleaders to attend tryouts for a new squad.