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Synonyms for qi

the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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The IMG manages operations at Chee Chan GR, a stand-alone property in this active resort area.
CHEE is an interdisciplinary research and policy center that promotes the important role higher education plays in global society, especially through "access, affordability, engagement and excellence.
Her Chee raised product prices in the third quarter to offset the strong appreciation of euro.
Patrick said: "He never told me until one day during discussions in the club one of his instructors Dave Nicholas told me Chee Soo was the highest ranked in the Lee family style of martial art.
Chee Soon Juan, a vociferous critic of the government, was bankrupted in 2006 after failing to pay damages for a previous libel suit brought against him by leaders of the ruling People's Action Party.
We see, once again, the humanity of Officer Jim Chee and are delighted that he may get married to Bernie Manuelito.
The range of dengue-related ophthalmic complication is still being investigated, and we agree with Su and Chee that other ophthalmic manifestations may occur in patients with dengue fever.
No diploma will be delivered, even if "this possibility should not be excluded," asserted Antoine Durrleman - a shortcoming which could place the CHEE out of the MBA international competition.
Chee, 28, has vast amount of experience in the youth and music markets and has previously worked on brands such as Calvin Klein and Nike.
Lastly, Liz Chee will give a run down on the Yen Loans Seminar recently hosted by J@panInc.
Susan Lek and Young Sin Chee & Earnst & Young
STEVE GARVEY acknowledges that Richard Chee Quee is a key factor as his side go in search of cup and promotion glory this weekend.
Navajo Tribal Police Sergeant Jim Chee and his fiancee Bernie Manuelito investigate diamonds and dead bodies at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in this satisfyingly complex mystery novel.
IT IS 16 years since a young Australian called Richard Chee Quee exploded onto the Liverpool Competition scene.
Your choice of three main dishes, two scoops of rice, kim chee and of course--the best macaroni salad in Hawai'i, four bucks.