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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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A contiguous parcel would not cause the infamous checkerboarding in tax collection or garbage collection, and it would no more disrupt the daily lives of the citizens of Sherrill than the existing reservation.
Instead of checkerboarding its series throughout the week like Showtime, HBO schedules its series on Sunday night, when more people are home watching TV than during any other evening, says Chris Albrecht, president of original programming for HBO.
By approaching something like a regular checkerboard at the pixel level, the technology eliminates clumping and checkerboarding visible at the screen level.
Hemi has added more and will continue to add to its checkerboarding lease holdings in Fort Worth that will absolutely be legally required "well spacing requirements" before major oil companies can obtain a permit to drill.
Bungie has officially said Destiny 2 runs at 4K on PS4 Pro, and most analysts agree that feat likely involves some kind of checkerboarding or upscaling to compensate for hardware bottlenecks.
Hemi increased its checkerboarding of leases in Fort Worth that are intermingled with the Barnett shale leases of two large oil companies, listed on the NY stock exchange, that have major urban drilling programs.