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Synonyms for checkout

the act of inspecting or verifying

the latest time for vacating a hotel room

a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases

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DiscoBoy, alias Lee Marshall (right), and Speedo Shy rocking the Asda check-outs before a security guard stepped in
The system will free up workers who handle check-ins and check-outs to assist with new programming or provide other services.
9am: I arrive at my offices on Allerton Road, where my staff and I have a morning meeting to review yesterday's completed check-ins, check-outs and inventories, and go through any issues we have encountered.
Guests also enjoy late check-outs, morning newspapers, check cashing privileges up to $300 and access to special customer service for reservations and information.
And Asda boss Brian Sichi put his own plan into action to repel the invaders, who had planned to waste so much time at his check-outs that real customers would - theoretically, anyway - get so fed up waiting they'd go back to Safeway.
However, she was told the branch had to follow orders from head office to stock painkillers at check-outs.
The self-service check-outs allow the customer to scan items, put them in carrier bags, pay, and even get cash-back - all without the need for a cashier.
Shoppers lose either way with the self-service check-out.
And shop assistants will have to put up with the telling faces glaring at them all day - the machines are placed at shop check-outs.
Allow 72 hours from check-out for points to post to account.
It was praised for giving a full list of nutrients on the back of packaging, not placing sweets at the check-out and having plenty of in-store information and advice.
Supermarket check-out girl Popsy Caney is ringing in the changes at work.
A YOUNG boy had a lucky escape after his arm got trapped in the conveyor belt of a supermarket check-out.
Associates could be in an aisle, near check-out lanes or even outside in the parking lot.
This used to happen occasionally, but now it seems to be every time I go through a check-out.