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Synonyms for checkout

the act of inspecting or verifying

the latest time for vacating a hotel room

a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases

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He said the library can afford it because of attrition, realignment of staff and a new automated system that will provide self-service check-ins and check-outs.
Corporate travellers don't want to spend time arranging breakfast, laundry, late check-outs or internet access, they just want to get down to business quickly and easily so, based on corporate traveller feedback, Ma.
My responsibility at check-out is to identify any significant differences or discrepancies, taking into account fair wear and tear, the quality of the items and fittings, and their condition at the onset of the tenancy.
Late check-outs are also offered and particularly appreciated by those on long haul travel schedules, Roy said.
check-outs that have no complications or queries to be satisfied.
That means having more of our staff in stores, improving product availability and helping customers at our check-outs.
But there was nothing shy about Speedo nor DiscoBoy, wearing nothing but purple shorts and a furry trapper hat, as the wacky duo jumped onto one of the check-outs and strutted their stuff.
Julia Hollinshead, 34, of Castleland Street, Barry, was shopping in Asda in Cardiff Bay with her sons Ryan, four, and Liam, three, when she spotted Liam, who was sitting in a trolley, trying to snatch the packet of Nurofen from a check-out rack.
For their mission was a desperate one - to clog up the check-outs of a rival supermarket.
Changes to the 10,000sq ft store include introducing upright freezers, new shelving, a new ceiling, new check-outs, new signs and lighted and a new fresh food area.
A NEW supermarket check-out is due to be launched today which relies on shoppers doing all the work themselves.
It was praised for giving a full list of nutrients on the back of packaging, not placing sweets at the check-out and having plenty of in-store information and advice.
STONY-faced check-out operators could soon be a thing of the past.
A year on, the march of the self-service till is almost complete, with the human check-out operator pushed into second place by the allegedly more efficient alternative.
Supermarket check-out girl Popsy Caney is ringing in the changes at work.