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Synonyms for validate



Synonyms for validate

Synonyms for validate

give evidence for

make valid or confirm the validity of

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Add the digits up to, but not including, the check digit in the odd-numbered positions (i.
Potential changes to the ISRC, such as adding a check digit, have been discussed but not yet adopted as a modification to the standard.
If a single digit in the bar code is scanned incorrectly, the check digit is supposed to catch it.
When the check digit confirms that the selector is in the right location, the number of cases needed is then voiced and the selector proceeds to fill the order.
Notice that the eleventh digit called the check digit is also added.
Two good possible data filters for account identifiers (such as general ledger accounts, customer accounts and inventory part numbers) are code checks and check digits.
A check digit is used to ascertain whether an identification number (e.
Each will consist of nine digits plus a check digit, which will be the product of a sum applied to the other nine.
This is the simplest but least effective method of assigning a check digit, Gallian says.
The ISBN check digit structure offers opportunities for data verification, if required.
Bar codes can include a check digit that checks the code's accuracy.
Number displays are also desirable to check digit accuracy for both calling and programming.
They speak a check digit to confirm that they are at the right location and then pick to double pallet handling pallet jacks.
Check digit labels were applied to pick locations, while workflows were reviewed to ensure that the software could be configured to match each specific activity.
Because the check digit is calculated based on input data, it is more likely to identify keying errors.