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a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account

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Of those managers who actually check cards on their construction sites, one in five said they have seen fake cards in the past year meaning those workers are most likely unqualified for the job they have been doing.
Global Banking News-November 1, 2011--SunTrust cancels check card fee(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
This is the first time that Delta has offered mileage-earning abilities through a check card and will be SunTrust's first co-branded check card.
Many banks don't charge a fee or the fee is nominal if you use their debit or check card.
Both anonymous and personalized Commuter Check Cards are enabled for pre and post tax funding and are fully compliant with Section 132 f and IRS Ruling 2006 - 57.
They can also combine rewards points between credit and check cards to maximize their reward earning potential.
Wescom Credit Union announced the addition of a new "personalized image" feature to its credit cards and check cards.
Bank Cash Bonus Check Card during the holiday shopping season.
Build-to-Order Free Checking and personalized Check Cards are simply the next step in Compass' commitment to stay ahead of banking trends by providing consumers with products and services that fit their lifestyles," said Mark Gibson, executive vice president and Compass Bank chief marketing officer.
Over 2,600 billers accept credit and check cards, and nearly all accept eCheck or payments through a checking account.
Other check cards that continue to reward Checking That Pays customers include the: WorldPerks(R) Visa Check Card, WorldPerks Visa Gold Check Card, U.
It has a web site with Online Banking and Online BillPay, ATMs, Visa Check Cards and a complete line of loan and deposit products.
These early numbers are encouraging, as they indicate that consumers are not only continuing to spend, but increasingly they're doing so with available funds accessed through their Visa check cards," said Wayne Best, senior vice president for strategic and economic analysis.
It is a special promotion offered under the ongoing WaMoola for Schools(R) program, which was introduced earlier this year and allows schools to earn points when participating Washington Mutual customers use their check cards.