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an autonomous republic in southwestern Russia in the northern Caucasus Mountains bordering on Georgia

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Chechnya, a republic in southwestern Russia, in the Caucasus Mountains region has been the hub of an Islamist insurgency, with severe clashes between rebels and security forces throughout the years.
Dagestan is a predominantly Muslim region between Chechnya and the Caspian Sea.
Rights groups and Western governments allege that the authorities in Chechnya repress their political opponents, discriminate against women and persecute sexual minorities, all allegations that Chechnya's leaders deny.
At least, that was the story reported in the national and local media, including the Echo of Moscow radio station and Chechnya Today -- the most popular news site in the predominantly Muslim Russian republic.
9) As the following paragraphs explain, this was of great importance after the fall of the USSR and explains why Chechnya did not manage to become a viable state.
Although the region contains Chechnya, the organization did not apply for a permit there, only in neighboring areas.
He asserted his support for Syria, noting that his government is working to raise awareness among the Chechen people of the fact that the war on Syria is waged by the enemies of Islam, affirming that Chechnya will not allow Chechens who join terrorist organizations in Syria to return to the country.
The attacker was believed to be a 19-year-old resident of Chechnya, the agency said in a statement.
The group has helped solve a number of politically sensitive human rights abuse cases in Chechnya reportedly becoming a target of threats, smear and intimidation by the Chechen authorities.
At about 04:00 am Moscow time, two servicemen of Russia's Defense Ministry hit an unidentified explosive during special operations in the mountainous forested area in the South of Chechnya.
Magomed Deniyev, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry's branch in Chechnya, said Saturday that a series of clashes between police and the rebels in the past two days in the southern Vedeno region also left 11 police officers wounded, AP reported.
The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information plans to hold a week of media cooperation in Chechnya next year," he disclosed.
He received a special journalism prize in 2009 for a book of poems called "I am proud of Chechnya, which gave heroes to the world.
In response to the letter, parents and the boy's grandfather received a letter from the Ministry of External Relations, National Policy, Press and Information of Chechnya signed by the Minister Saraliev, which on behalf of the Chechen President expressed gratitude "for friendly message and a good attitude to the Chechen people" and invited the relatives of the boy to visit Chechnya.
But yesterday's horror at Domodedovo Airport will bring it back to Chechnya.