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an autonomous republic in southwestern Russia in the northern Caucasus Mountains bordering on Georgia

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After two separatist wars in Chechnya, the insurgency there has been largely suppressed by a Kremlin-backed local strongman, Ramzan Kadyrov, although law enforcement officers periodically clash with small groups of gunmen.
The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information plans to hold a week of media cooperation in Chechnya next year," he disclosed.
Kadyrov posted a statement on Instagram saying that "any attempt to link Chechnya and [the brothers], if they are guilty, is in vain.
At about 04:00 am Moscow time, two servicemen of Russia's Defense Ministry hit an unidentified explosive during special operations in the mountainous forested area in the South of Chechnya.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- A Russian human rights group has won a prestigious international award for its dedicated effort to defend human rights in Russia's North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, the Human Rights Watch NGO said.
You are not Chechens or Muslims," Kadyrov addressed these individuals, saying that they will all be eliminated because they went to Syria to murder Syrians, and that they will never be allowed to return to Chechnya.
The attacker was believed to be a 19-year-old resident of Chechnya, the agency said in a statement.
A: The group want independence for their home republic of Chechnya, a small country with a mainly Muslim population of about one million.
The rebels are led by a brutal 23year-old whose warlord uncle is reputed to have been paid pounds 20m to behead three captive Britons in Chechnya four years ago.
Their murders came a month after the death of Natalya Estemirova, one of the best known activists in Chechnya and head of the Memorial group, who was abducted in Chechnya and found in neighbouring Ingushetia.
The violence began in 1994 - three years after the region declared independence - when then Russian President Boris Yeltsin ordered troops to Chechnya to crush President Dzhokhar Dudayev.
The killing of Kadyrov on Sunday was a blow to the Kremlin's strategy for bringing stability to the warring republic through the strengthening of civilian authority and raised worries of a harsh crackdown in Chechnya.
Although no one immediately claimed responsibility, the nature of the target - a hospital that serves Russian soldiers wounded in Chechnya - threw immediate suspicion on Chechnya's separatist rebels.
He said he planned to visit Russian-occupied areas of Chechnya today and was ready to join a search for a political solution to the conflict.
At the November 1999 OSCE Summit, the OSCE participating States, including the Russian Federation, reaffirmed the existing mandate of the OSCE Assistance Group in Chechnya, and stated that the assistance of the OSCE would contribute to achieving a political solution to the crisis.